Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding Ceremony

Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding Ceremony


You want to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony but not sure how. Check out our favorite ways to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony!

Whether it be on the beach, park, venue, or elsewhere rose petals can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony. We’ve used rose petals to make a heart, down the aisle, lining the aisle, circle, accent petals around an arbor, and much more! Here are some different rose petal options to consider for your wedding ceremony.

Fresh mixed colored rose petals

Mixed colors of fresh rose petals

Rose petal heart ideas

A rose petal heart can have mixed colored petals or a solid color. We always use fresh petals on the beach or on the grass because the artificial petals easily get blown away into the ocean and all around the park. Fake rose pedals need to be picked up, which is super annoying, and are are harmful to the environment.

You can do a pretty flower heart with artificial flowers that are strung together. This is always a good option on a windy day or for a grass location. The string of flowers can easily be picked up and secured into the ground.


A mound style heart in the sand with fresh rose petals in the center of the heart is a very pretty idea to consider. The heart can be accented with tiki torches and greenery with flowers at the end of the tiki torch posts or shepherds hooks with hanging lanterns or flower balls.

heart in sand with tiki

How about a circular ceremony with rose petal heart in the center of the circle! We love this setup because all of your guests are truly around you. Having a rose heart in the middle of the circle gives the ceremony a beautiful pop of color.

Rose petal heart in center of circular ceremony setup. Siesta Key Beach

Rose petal heart in center of circular ceremony setup at Siesta Key Beach

Lining the aisle

At the beach, park, or inside venue adding rose pedals to line the aisle is a great touch. Adds just a pop of color and really pulls the look together. Here are a few pictures of wedding ceremonies we’ve done with fresh and artificial flowers lining the aisle.

Artificial string roses accenting arborabwif-alc1photo-4-e1447982386561-784x441

Wedding at Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, FLWedding Package #1 jim&ann2


If a heart is not your thing you can make the flower petals into another shape. We think it’d be neat to have a circle of rose pedals for the couple to stand inside showing their love will go on forever. Another idea we had was to make an infinity sign out of pedals!

Down the aisle

The traditional rose pedals down the aisle is always a great look! Keep in mind if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony and use artificial rose pedals you need to pick them up…and that’s not easy or fun.



Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.19.11 PM

Shapes down the aisle

If you want to get real creative use flower pedals and make shapes down the aisle. This is a wedding Charmaine officiated at the Kapok Tree in Clearwater Florida. If you create a flower design in the aisle you need to make sure to block the inside chairs (see how they did it hear with fabric) so guests enter into their seats from the outside in….and don’t mess up the design. We can do these designs or you can have your florist or coordinator do it.

Kapok Special Events Wedding Room


There are a ton of neat ways to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony. We love working with couples to make their vision come to life! Keep your wedding simple, affordable, and pretty by using rose petals whether it be beach or elsewhere. Contact us to discuss your wedding ceremony ideas: info@abeautifulweddinginflorida.com

Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony

Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony


Bernice contacted me about officiating her wedding ceremony while she and her partner were in Florida. She and her partner were traveling from Ohio and wanted a nice Florida beach wedding. Her partner Brook had never been to the beach before!! Bernice sent me photos of what she wanted the beach to look like and was asking for suggestions on where to have their wedding ceremony. They envisioned their Florida wedding ceremony on a wide open beach somewhat secluded with white sand. I knew I could help them! We went back and forth with photos and questions before they decided that a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony was exactly what they wanted.

Bernice and Brook booked our Clearwater Beach Special #2 package and added our A La Carte mound style heart in sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas for floral arrangements around the tiki torches. She wanted a few chairs with navy sashes and a rose petal aisle runner. They knew just what she wanted for their wedding ceremony. Bernice told me she was even having a monkey as a ring bearer because that was something Brook had always wanted.

Last Thursday morning Bernice and Brook had their dream Florida beach wedding. It had rained the night before the wedding leaving the beach sand somewhat damp, a little windy, and completely empty! It was best time to have a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony because nobody was on the beach (note- if you know Clearwater Beach it’s very hard to get the beach to yourself ). The beach was quiet and wide open.

Clearwater special #2 with A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangea's.

Clearwater Beach Special #2 with added A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand, tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas.

Our associate officiant, Ellida, performed the ceremony and I setup the ceremony details (chairs, heart, torches, flowers) and got them down the aisle on time. During the wedding ceremony when it came time for the rings Don Juan, a little monkey, brought them up to them. Don Juan was the cutest little ring bearer. He hopped on Brook’s shoulder and gave the rings to them. It was super cool!!!

Bernice and Brook with ring bearer Don Juan

Bernice and Brook with monkey ring bearer Don Juan

Brook and Bernice were leaving that afternoon for a cruise to Cozumel before heading back to Ohio. Bernice text me and said, “Thank you so much for everything. Wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”

Bernice, Ellida and Brook

Ellida with the newly married Bernice and Brook 


Do we officiate same sex marriages in Clearwater & Tallahassee Florida?

Do we officiate same sex marriages in Clearwater & Tallahassee Florida?


We get frequent calls for our Tampa, Clearwater, and Tallahassee wedding officiant services. All to often during our initial phone calls and emails when we gather information about the wedding and how we can be of service we are asked, “Do you officiate same sex marriages in Clearwater & Tallahassee Florida?”. Our many pictures will tell you the answer is, yes!

We are proud supporters of marriage equality in Florida and happy to officiated same-sex wedding ceremonies Jumping for joyOfficiating wedding ceremony in Terry and Roger's Tallahassee home. Photo by Lance Oliver.

Since January of 2015 when Florida passed the law allowing same sex marriages, we have joined a number of men and men and women and women in matrimony. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know these couples and hearing their stories. Many of the same sex marriages we’ve officiated have been together for many years and are so thrilled to be able to get legally married.

Still when we get asked “Do we officiate same sex marriages in Clearwater & Tallahassee Florida?” We feel disappointed that the question has to be asked. Love is love is how we feel about it. We at A Beautiful Wedding In Florida will be honored to perform your ceremony and correspond with you in preparing your vow pieces. We officiate small to large ceremonies at venues, homes, beach, and in private areas. We understand that as a same sex couple you might not want to walk out onto a public beach and get married. Contact us to discuss what you want for your wedding and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


We proudly support marriage equality


Sunken Gardens St Petersburg ceremonyunnamed-5



Where should I have my Tampa wedding?

Where should I have my Tampa wedding?


Where should I have my Tampa wedding? We can help! We often get asked for suggestions on where in Tampa to have a wedding. Recently, I got a call from a bride to-be who was in North Dakota and planning a Tampa Florida beach wedding. She had just been surfing the internet about locations and had contacted a resort in Marco Island. The resort told her to contact us, A Beautiful Wedding in Florida, for help answering her question on where to have her Tampa wedding ceremony.

Barb contacted me and asked, where should I have my Tampa wedding? I guided her with suggestions and ideas for her wedding, places to stay ,and restaurant ideas for after the wedding.  Barb’s wedding would consist of no more than 10 guests and she wanted it on the beach. She said she knew nothing about the Tampa area. As Barb and I spoke, we discussed options and ideas for her wedding. Barb decided she would have her wedding at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. Barb looked at our website,  reviewed our packages, and a la carte items. Barb was so pleased and excited that we put together plans for just the wedding she had been envisioning. She decided on: Officiant,  flowers, photographer, cake, and tiki torches. I helped her put it all together and she couldn’t have been more pleased.

Wedding cake with topper

Wedding cake with topper

Barb emailed me two days later letting me know she got her flights and more of her family were interested in coming. She thanked me again and let me know how excited she was.

I thanked her for contacted me and allowing us to be a part of her special day. As Clearwater wedding officiant service this is what we do. We are always glad to give suggestions on locations for the wedding, fun things to do while you’re in the Tampa area, and we can always help with wedding ideas. Your Tampa wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be at the beach. If you’re not sure where in the Tampa area to have your wedding contact us, we’d be happy to recommend a number of park locations, gazebo’s, homes, and gardens.

Spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa

Spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa


Tom and Katie were traveling to Tampa from Miami and decide to they wanted to get married. They contacted us on Friday morning and asked if we had an officiant available to perform a spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa the following day. They had their marriage license and wanted to have the wedding at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa. George Sr. was available to officiate so we quickly put the plans together.

Tom asked if we could get them a bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, and we could! We were able to get a beautiful bouquet and boutonniere from our friend’s at Flowerama.

The wedding took place on Saturday on the 4th floor balcony of the the Epicurean Hotel overlooking Tampa. It was a beautiful afternoon and the balcony was empty which made for the perfect intimate elopement ceremony. George Sr. brought their flowers and officiated the wedding ceremony. During their wedding ceremony, Katie and Tom said beautiful words to each other. Recognizing obstacles and challenges they may encounter on their journey ahead, however, never forgetting the love they have for each other. It was truly a perfect heartfelt elopement ceremony.

Later that evening Tom and Katie were going to a celebratory dinner at Bern’s Steakhouse.

Tom and Katie both thanked us for everything!! They were so pleased and appreciative of all we did to make their spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa wonderful.

Last minute wedding ceremonies and elopements are fun for us and we love being a part of them. If you’re considering a spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa area, we’d be glad to help you put it together!

A Look Back at our 2016 Tampa Area Wedding Ceremonies

A Look Back at our 2016 Tampa Area Wedding Ceremonies


As we take a look back at our 2016 Tampa area wedding ceremonies, we smile and feel so grateful. We had the privilege, pleasure, and honor to officiate so many wonderful weddings and vow renewals throughout 2016. We met a ton of couples and families from many different states and countries. Each ceremony had it’s own uniqueness and style; all of our 2016 Tampa area wedding ceremonies were truly amazing.

One of our first 2016 Tampa area wedding ceremonies was for  dear family friends, Kim and Felipe. George Sr officiated their wedding ceremony at Sunken Garden’s in St Petersburg on January 2nd. Their ceremony included a wine love letter box, Harry Potter, references to fantasy football, and so much love.

Kim & Felipe Sunken Gardens Ceremony

Kim & Felipe-Sunken Gardens wedding ceremony

In April 2016, Charmaine donated her officiant service to the ‘Mission I Do‘ wedding charity. She had the honor of officiating Tim and Anh’s ‘Mission I Do’ wedding ceremony at The Barn at Crescent Lake in Odessa. Tim is a wounded veteran. The wedding, ceremony, and all wedding costs were generously donated to Tim and Ahn from all the vendors in honor of, and to raise awareness, for the services and sacrifices of all of our USA military. Tim and Anh’s wedding ceremony was a truly honorable event to be a part of.

In 2016 we performed a number of vow renewal ceremonies throughout Tampa and Clearwater.  We love vow renewals! Lisa and Terrance celebrated their 25th year wedding anniversary at Sand Key Park in September. They were vacationing with their daughter, son in law, and granddaughter from England they took a break from Orlando activities and had us officiate a beautiful sunset vow renewal ceremony.

Lisa and Terrence 25 years

Lisa and Terrence celebrated 25 years of marriage with a wedding anniversary vow renewal. Photo by George Sr.

As the laws changed in 2016 for same sex marriages, we officiated a number of Tampa area wedding ceremonies for same sex couples. Angelia and Barbara were married at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs in August.  Mathew and Andrew had a holiday wedding at Sunken Gardens in December. We provided officiant service for many more same sex Tampa area wedding ceremonies throughout the year. It was wonderful to be a part of so many beautiful unions.

Holiday Wedding Sunken Gardens

Holiday Wedding Sunken Gardens

We were a part of all sorts of Tampa area wedding ceremonies: small wedding ceremonies, big wedding ceremonies, simple weddings, fancy weddings, funny weddings, wedding ceremony on a boat, backyard wedding ceremonies, Florida elopements, and many more! George Sr photographed a number of the Tampa area wedding ceremonies we officiated. We enjoyed every ceremony, every couple, and all the preparation and correspondence with all of our couples. What a great year= THANK YOU!!! We look forward to 2017!!!

Fancy wedding ceremony setup for a wedding we officiated in 2016

Fancy wedding ceremony setup for a wedding we officiated in 2016