Happy Holidays from our Wedding Officiant family to you

Happy Holidays from our Wedding Officiant family to you


During the holiday season, our Wedding Officiant family’s thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit, we say thank you and best wishes for the Holidays and the upcoming New Year!

Our Wedding Officiant family hopes you and yours have a beautiful holiday season. We do have wedding officiant services available in Tallahassee and Clearwater during the holidays. If the spirit of the season makes you want to tie the knot please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Clearwater Wedding Officiant on the Importance of Sleep and your Wedding

Clearwater Wedding Officiant on the Importance of Sleep and your Wedding


Sleep or shall I call it beauty sleep!!

As a Clearwater wedding officiant, I have noticed most couples forget about something very important when planning their wedding… SLEEP!!  It’s so important to think about getting proper sleep and realize how important and necessary it is when planning such a special occasion your as wedding day.

Improper sleep can add more unnecessary stress, increase irritability and even effect how you look. Mistakes can be made, many things can be overlooked and lack of sleep can cause sickness.

Travelling can make it difficult to get proper sleep. If you are planning a destination wedding where you will be travelling to a different time zone your sleep schedule will be affected. Sleeping in hotels or places outside of your home, will also affect your sleeping habits. A suggestion to consider if you are planning a destination wedding plan on arriving a few days earlier so you can adjust to the time zone and recover from jet lag. If you have a comfy pillow take it along. Pamper yourself with a nice massage, take some time to listen to some peaceful relaxing music, go for a leisurely walk or attend a yoga class. These are few things that can promote calming, and relax your brain so you can get a good night sleep.

Without the proper sleep stress and anxiety will likely affect your thoughts, feelings, moods and emotions. All of the things you don’t want for on your wedding day!! Getting a good night sleep before your wedding is so important. Weddings planning can be so hectic. We often hear how little sleep one gets when planning a wedding. Be sure to get your beauty sleep and have a beautiful wedding.

Wedding Ceremony at Southern Plantation Oasis in Lutz

Wedding Ceremony at Southern Plantation Oasis in Lutz


On March 3rd Lisa and Eddie had their wedding ceremony at Southern Plantation Oasis in Lutz. The Southern Plantation Oasis is a beautiful large lakeside house on a private secluded road. It is an elegant house with accommodations for up to 12. The house, has a luxury pool, spa and lazy river. The plantation is on acres of natural protected wetlands.  Horses, flowers, and gorgeous trees enhance the beauty of this romantic venue and making it ideal for wedding.

Southern Plantation Oasis in Lutz is a gorgeous wedding ceremony venue

Lisa, Eddie, and her family stayed at the plantation. When Lisa contacted me about officiating their wedding ceremony at Southern Plantation Oasis in Lutz she let me know that she was going to be decorating her tables and setting things up themselves. The wedding ceremony was held outside on the lawn by a beautiful tree. Lisa and Eddie decorated a very natural looking arch with lavender flowers and greenery draped along the sides. The bridesmaids were wearing lavender dresses. Eddie and groomsmen were wearing gray slacks and vest with yellow ties. The colors were all so well coordinated. Everything was so decorated so nicely for a beautiful Spring wedding.

The love Lisa and Eddie have for one another just radiated in their eyes. Their eyes filled with joyful tears as I read their ceremony:

“Many people remember how fleeting their own wedding day was. So I want you to take a few seconds to look onto each other’s eyes. Think about the happiness that you’re feeling in this place, in this moment. Really let that feeling register in your heart and your mind. Now, I want you to think about your life together in twenty years. Where are you? What are you doing? We all know that your visions of the future are not identical, but always complementary. John Lennon once said, ‘a dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together, that is reality.’ And for LISA and EDDIE, that reality starts now.”

Lisa and Eddie were very pleased with my wedding officiant service. When returning home from their honeymoon Lisa wrote this great review,

“Charmaine was a wonderful officiant for our wedding! She was very fast at responding to our questions, super knowledgeable with questions related to obtaining our marriage license and certificate, and willing to help with any of the steps. As we worked through what our ceremony readings would look like, she asked great clarifying questions to make sure we had everything right. On the day of, she spoke clearly and beautifully. She was even prepped to step aside after saying ‘I now pronounce you…’ so that we could get a great shot of just my husband and I. Charmaine was lovely and we would highly recommend her!”


Your Wedding is Your Day!

Your Wedding is Your Day!


So often we hear couples stressed about their wedding. They get so many suggestions and ideas from so many different people that they don’t know what to do. Planning your wedding should be fun. Couples shouldn’t feel pressured into doing something they can’t afford or don’t necessarily want to do just because someone else has done it or what someone else thinks you should do. Your wedding is YOUR day. The bottom line is you are getting married to the person you love most. The wedding should be what you should want and feel comfortable with, as well as, what works within your budget. The internet offers so many wonderful resources to help couples in planning their wedding. A great source for wedding planning ideas is Pinterest. On Pinterest you can find anything from wedding dresses, makeup, shoes, invitations, ideas for small, medium, large or elopement ceremonies you name you will find it on Pinterest. But it also can make you crazy!! Keep in mind many of the images you see on Pinterest are from styled wedding shoots with very very large budgets.

Wedding planning making you crazy

Keep Calm! Your Getting Married!

Depending on the size of your wedding a great stress saver would be to hire an experienced day of  coordinator. Your wedding coordinator can handle all the timeline of events and insure that everything runs smoothly. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be stressed. We offer full service wedding day of coordinator service in the Tallahassee area. We offer partial day of coordinator service throughout the Tampa area which is perfect for couples on a budget. If your wedding is small a coordinator isn’t necessary.

A professional wedding officiant can guide you with all you need for a smooth ceremony including preparing your vows and performing your ceremony. When considering an officiant service price is frequently one of the first questions. Our officiant services reflect our professional services and years of experience. We hear some nightmare situations where officiant cancelled, got nervous and backed out last minute, or showed up unprofessionally dressed. There are many things to think about that quite often when considering a friend or co-worker perform your ceremony that can be overlooked. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have in planning your wedding. Have fun with your wedding planning. It’s your special day.

Wedding Officiant Clearwater Beach Florida

Our prices reflect our years of experience and professional service. We urge you to consider quality and price when selecting wedding vendors.


How to Include Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

How to Include Children in Your Wedding Ceremony


We are often asked about If and How to Include Children in Your Wedding Ceremony or Vow renewal ceremony

Yes, you can certainly include children into your ceremony. These are are few ways, of how to include children in your wedding ceremony:

  • Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Family Poem
  • Unity Candle
  • Giving a gift to the children

Unity sand ceremony- The unity sand ceremony has an empty vase on a table, along with bottles of colored sand for each member participating in the sand ceremony. The couple and each child participating can have their own bottle of color sand. The officiant will invite the children to join the couple. The sands are blended together into the empty vase on the table. Each container of sands represents each individual participating in the ceremony. When the sands are blended together they symbolize the uniting of the children along with the couple being married or renewing their vows. Just as the individual containers of sands can never be separated into there own containers so will your lives be joined together as one family never to be separated. This is a beautiful way to symbolize the joining of families and children have fun being involved in the ceremony with the pouring of the sand.

Family Poem-  the officiant will invite the children to join the couple being married and the family will join hands. The officiant would then recite the family poem as the family is joined together. After the poem is recited the family is asked to give one another a loving family hug. The poem can also be done along with a unity  sand ceremony.

Family Poem

Hollis Garden Wedding Officiant

Including your children in your wedding ceremony is a beautiful memorable touch

A family is …..The sweetest feelings, The warmest hugs, Trust and togetherness
Unconditional love
The stories of our lives written on the same page
The nicest memories anyone has ever made
Treasured photos
Thankful tears
Hearts overflowing with all the years
Being there for one another
Supporting and caring
Understanding, Helping, Sharing
Walking life’s path together
And making the journey more beautiful because …..
We are a family…..
And a family is Love.St Petersburg wedding ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony- children can also participate in unity candle lighting ceremony. Similar to a unity sand ceremony there is a center candle then each family member has their own candles. The individual candles are light then during the ceremony the family will take their lit candles and together light the center candle.  As the center candle is lit the flame symbolizes the brightness of each individual’s own lives that they bring to the family.

Jewelry or gift– often the couple being married wants to give their children a gift to remember this special day. We enjoy incorporating the giving of this gift into the ceremony. Before the couple exchange their rings the parents will give a gift to their children. The gift can be a piece of jewelry, pocket watch, or anything you feel is special. We recently had a couple get bracelets made that had the coordinates of the wedding location engraved on it.

We have officiated a number of ceremonies with children participating. All very loving and bonding a true family relationship.  Often marriage is viewed as the union of two people. Yet marriages not only unite the couple, it unites the families. With the changing structure of what a family is in today’s world we are offered unique and wonderful opportunities to simply increase the number of loving caring relationships we have in our lives.

Carrabelle Beach wedding officiant

Hold hands as a family during your wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony at Carrabelle Beach



2018 FSU Football Schedule Released

2018 FSU Football Schedule Released


Here is the 2018 FSU Football Schedule for anyone trying to plan a wedding ❤️in 2018:

Monday, September 3: Virginia Tech Hokies (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL), ESPN
Saturday, September 8: Samford Bulldogs (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, September 15: Syracuse Orange (Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY)
Saturday, September 22: Northern Illinois Huskies (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, September 29: Louisville Cardinals (Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY)
Saturday, October 6: Miami Hurricanes (Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL)
Saturday, October 13: Bye
Saturday, October 20: Wake Forest Demon Deacons (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, October 27: Clemson Tigers (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, November 3: NC State Wolfpack (Cart-Finley Stadium, Raleigh, NC)
Saturday, November 10: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, IN), 7:30 PM, NBC.
Saturday, November 17: Boston College Eagles (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, November 24: Florida Gators (Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL)
Saturday, December 1: ACC Championship Game (Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC)

Our Tallahassee wedding officiant service currently has a few Saturday’s in Fall available for officiating. Now that the 2018 FSU football schedule has been released couples planning 2018 weddings are going to be booking wedding vendors fast! We highly encourage couples planning Fall weddings in Tallahassee to book their favorite vendors now before they are booked up. We would love to talk with you about your Fall Tallahassee wedding and how we could be your officiant and/or coordinator. Whether your planning a small elopement or a large wedding, we can work with you.

If you’ve already booked your wedding date and it happens to fall on a FSU game day– no worries!! We’ve officiated MANY weddings for couples on FSU game days and it’s always great. Some couples choice to embrace the fact that their wedding falls on a game day and have the football fun as part of their celebration and others choice not to include it. No matter what you do, as long as you are marry the person you want to be marrying, the day will be just perfect!!

Wishing you all the best during your wedding planning!!

FSU Groom’s cake is one way to embrace the fact that your wedding falls on game day.

Get married right before the game in your favorite FSU gear

Take pictures in front of the stadium will give you great wedding memories