Sentimental Howard Park Wedding Ceremony

Sentimental Howard Park Wedding Ceremony


A few weeks ago I performed a wedding for Rachel and Aaron. They were coming to Florida on vacation with their four children and wanted to be married on the beach. They would be driving to Florida. They were going to be spending a few days in Orlando visiting the theme parks before heading to Tarpon Springs where they wanted to have a Howard Park wedding ceremony.

Rachel and I corresponded in preparing the ceremony. She told me she wanted a simple ring exchange, but wanted to include a little something in the ceremony remembering their son, Rylan. He had passed away three years ago. He was three weeks old and died from SIDS.  Rachel shared how his passing brought her and Aaron together. They had been going through difficult times in their lives. When she found out she was pregnant with him it made them figure out who they wanted to be in life. When he tragically left them they vowed to always respect and support each other and always honor him. They both learned not to take life to seriously and not sweat the small stuff.

It was a cold evening for the wedding. We had a rose petal heart in the sand. George Sr. was taking photos.

Officiating a very sentimental Howard Park Wedding Ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

Officiating a very sentimental Howard Park Wedding Ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

Aaron and Rachel had a balloon lock and key release remembering their deceased son Rylan. The balloons were locked with love. Aaron and Rachel unlocked the balloons and when they released the balloons they had the locks tied to the strings sending Rylan their love. It was so heartfelt and touching.

Balloons in rememberance.... Photos by George Sr.

Aaron and Rachel took part in a balloon lock and key release in honor of their son Rylan. Photos by George Sr.

The balloons flew off. They got stuck on a bush overlooking the beach. It was like Rylan was with us for the remainder of the ceremony. When we were done as a family they went over to the bush and together let the balloons fly off.

Watching over them....Photos by George Sr.

Balloons flew off….Photos by George Sr.

Letting balloons go....Photos by George Sr.

As a family they let the balloons go….Photos by George Sr.

Aaron and Rachel were so emotional saying their vows. They were having difficulty holding back the tears. They are a beautiful family and so thankful for all they have.


Rachel and Aaron together and happy….Photos by George Sr.

Rachel thanked us for a beautiful ceremony and we are thankful to have met them and been a part of their special day.

Photos by George Sr.

Happily married! Photos by George Sr.

Tarpon Springs Wedding at St. Michael’s Shrine

Tarpon Springs Wedding at St. Michael’s Shrine


Sara and Michael were married last Friday at St Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs. St Michael’s Shrine is a little hidden gem in the residential area of Tarpon Springs. It is a tiny little Greek Orthodox Shrine with a lot of history and beauty.

The Shrine

The St. Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs Florida

The Shrine is a very dear and close place for both Michael and Sara.  Michael in particular wanted to be married at St. Michael’s Shrine because he felt his parents would be with them on their wedding day. His late parent’s ashes had been placed by the outside statue of Saint Michael.


When I arrived Michael showed me the inside of the Shrine. He shared some of the history of the healing tributes of St Michael and showed me the beautiful alter and place where a candle can be lit to take a moment to pray or just reflect.

Tarpon Springs wedding

Sara and Michael’s Tarpon Springs wedding at St. Michael’s Shrine was beautiful.

Weddings can be performed inside the Shrine. Sara and Michael had their ceremony outside right in front of the statue of St Michael.  They had their 18 month old son Antonio, her brother and his son present for the ceremony. It was a gorgeous day for an outside Tarpon Springs wedding ceremony.

Me with

Statue at the St. Michaels’s Shrine

Michael and Sara were neighbors and met five years ago in Tarpon Springs. Sara had tears in her eyes as she said her vows to Michael.

They were very pleased and sentimental after the ceremony. People walking on the streets stopped and congratulated them. They thanked me repeatedly for a beautiful ceremony.

Me with

Me with the happy couple and their family.