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Dunedin Non-denominational Wedding Ceremony Officiate Recommends Local Chapel’s for Wedding Location Ideas

Concerned about the weather on your wedding day? Well that’s OKAY! In fact, it’s totally understandable…we are in FLORIDA where there’s always a 50% chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms! Hah!  Consider a non-denominational chapel and Dunedin non-denominational wedding ceremony officiate for your wedding.

Andrew’s Memorial in Dunedin is one of many historical chapels in the Suncoast area. The building is charmed with early Florida Victorian architecture and has a lot of history behind it. It is adjacent to Hammock Park in Dunedin and is a truly beautiful spot for a Dunedin non-denominational wedding ceremony.

Another beautiful chapel is Little White Chapel in Downtown Palm Harbor. This is also a historical chapel built in 1924. It has an adjacent banquet hall, that is great for a reception following the wedding ceremony.Both of these chapel’s allow you to bring your own officiant, which includes a Florida Notary Officiant like us! So if you’re looking for a Dunedin non-denominational wedding ceremony officiate, be sure to contact us!
Andrew's Memorial in Dunedin

Andrew’s Memorial in Dunedin