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Fall Weddings in Tallahassee, FL Tips for Getting Married During Football Season

Football and Fall Weddings in Tallahassee, FL go hand-in-hand. Even though Tallahassee is North Florida it’s very SOUTH! Meaning it’s a football town. So with Florida State University being #1 in college football Tallahassee in the Fall is a bit…hmm, crazy.

BUT with all that being said the weather in Tallahassee during October, November, and early December is amazing. The colors are perfect for outdoor rustic weddings. I feel bad for couples who want to get married during the Fall because the football schedules are not released until late February and early March. Plus game times are not released until a couple weeks before the actual game. I got married in October so I know what’s it’s like to plan a wedding around a football season. Seems a bit crazy, but in Tallahassee, you got to do it!! Everything from hotels to restaurants get booked up quickly on big home games. And on the two weekends that are bye-weeks everyone wants to get married so you better book your favorite vendors FAST!

If you’re planning a Fall wedding in Tallahassee, FL you have two options- pick a date and hope it’s not a big home game day OR wait for the scheduled to be released and hope your dream venue is still available. If you do pick a date before the FSU football schedule being released and then your date falls on a big game day, you really don’t have many options. If it REALLY bothers you, and you can afford to change the date, you could do that OR more realistically you will just have to get over. You’re guests should be attending your wedding because they care about YOU and I would hope that your marriage is more important then any football game.  So if your Fall weddings in Tallahassee, FL lands on a big game day and you think your guests are going to be distracted by needing to watch the game or knowing what is going on with the game you have a few options. Put a TV with the game on in the bar area, have your DJ make announcements with game score updates, project the game on a big screen in the reception room with no sound so everyone can dance and still watch a little, or kindly ask guests to refrain from football for one day.

Here's a picture of me and Ryan on our wedding day. This is one way we embraced the fact that our wedding fell on the Clemson game. Go Noles :)

Here’s a picture of me and Ryan on our wedding day. This is one way we embraced the fact that our wedding fell on the Clemson game. Go Noles 🙂

If you do decide to wait for the schedule to come out and you could plan all the aspects of Fall weddings in Tallahassee, FL that do not require a date. For example, your dress, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen outfits, flowers, centerpieces, invitation design, save the date design, honeymoon ideas, and more. You could have your favorite venue, photographer, wedding officiant, caterer, and cake baker decided so as soon as the schedule is released you could start booking them as fast as possible.

Fall weddings in Tallahassee, FL are gorgeous. I’m bias, like I said, I got married in October. I don’t like football and I like October so that’s why we did our wedding when we did it. If you are planning a Fall wedding in Tallahassee a lot of people will give you their opinion about whhhyyy would you get married during football season etc. etc. But don’t listen to them. When planning your wedding it’s your wedding and you need to do what makes you happy. Not everyone in the world likes football and you’re wedding will be beautiful whether it’s on a big game day or a bye-week.

For more tips and ideas about Fall weddings in Tallahassee, FL please don’t hesitate to contact me: 850-322-0911 or amandad335@gmail.com