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Holiday Tampa Wedding Ceremonies

We officiated a number Holiday Tampa Wedding Ceremonies. We had vacationers coming to Florida wanting to share their special day with family and friends, couples who had time off from work, and even couples who wanted to be married by end of year for tax purposes. All in all, they all wanted to be married because they were truly in love!!

Jackie & Simen were married on December 26 at Hyatt Regency on Clearwater Beach. They were in Florida visiting with family and wanted a pretty wedding on the beach. They met each other in New York. Simen is from Norway and has the cutest accent. They kept the wedding simple with a four post decorated bamboo with white draped fabric and roses in the corners draping down the sides. A very cheerful couple. They had a champagne toast on the beach and photographs after the ceremony.

Me with

Me with Jackie and Simen

Jessica & Joseph were visiting Florida from Michigan and were married on December 27 on Honeymoon Island. It was a gorgeous day. To my surprise Jessica & Joseph found a beautiful spot for the ceremony. The beach was really crowded. They found a pretty spot by the Nature’s Center for the ceremony. It’s not a sandy beach area, but has some trees, a wooden swing, and a beautiful view of the ocean.

Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

Me with Jessica and Joseph at their Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

John & Maria were married on New Year’s Day at the Postcard Inn in St Petersburg. John is currently serving in the US Coast Guard. Maria looked so pretty in her knee length white dress carrying red roses and wearing red heel shoes.  She is probably the first bride I’ve ever seen gracefully walk down the beach in sand wearing high heels. John looked so handsome in his military uniform. Maria is from Russia.  They met through a friend about a year ago. She had family members visiting Florida so they were able to be at the wedding.


John and Maria’s family together at their wedding

All the weddings were very simple, fun, and done just the way the couples wanted them to be. These are just a few of many fun weddings that were performed over the holidays. All couples were very thankful and pleased with their weddings.