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Hollis Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Diane contacted me about having a Hollis Gardens wedding ceremony in Lakeland on December 27th. She had a bit of a dilemma and wanted to know if I could help her out. Her fiancé, Walter, was in New Jersey and wouldn’t be home until Saturday, December 26th…the day before she wanted the wedding. She wanted to know if there was any way of getting the marriage license and be married the following day Sunday, December 27th. Fortunately, I have dealt with this type of dilemma in the past and knew how to help her make her December 27th wedding plans work out. I told her about our convenient Florida Marriage License by Mail service which would enable us to obtain a valid Florida Marriage License for them all via mail so  they could be married the day after he arrived in Florida. Diane was so happy!!!

Since their wedding was just after the Christmas holiday, Diane had me put together a wedding package which included: photographer, wedding cake, bridal bouquet, and a groom boutonniere. She was so pleased that we could take care of everything so easily and she could enjoy her Christmas holiday and wedding!


Diane’s bridal bouquet. Photos by George Sr.

Diane e-mailed me a few days before the wedding saying, “Getting excited! Anything I should be doing?” She was amazed that she didn’t have to do anything!

Hollis Gardens is a very picturesque location for a wedding.  December 27th was a warm winter day. Walter had arrived the day before. On the wedding day he met George Sr. and I at the Hollis Garden park. He is an owner of multiple pizza restaurants in New Jersey and wasn’t able to get to Florida any sooner. He and Diane were going to be moving to New Jersey the following day. He was very appreciative for all we could do to make their Hollis Gardens wedding ceremony possible.


Officiating Diane and Walter’s Hollis Gardens wedding ceremony on a beautiful December day. Photos by George Sr.

The wedding was in one of the floral gardens overlooking Lake Mirror.


The newlyweds! Photos by George Sr.

Diane’s father gave her away. Her parents, grandson, and daughter were present at the wedding.  Diane and Walter thanked us so much. Diane said, “She felt like we were now friends forever.”


Diane and her Father. Photos by George Sr.


Kisses from her son on her wedding day. Photos by George Sr.