Now offering Florida Marriage License by Mail service

We are excited to announce that we are Now offering Florida Marriage License by Mail service! This service allows us to work with you to obtain your Florida Marriage License prior to the wedding and you never have to step foot into a Florida Clerk’s Office! We added this convenient service to help make the marriage license part of your wedding plans stress-free!

Our Florida Marriage License by Mail service will save you time and is very convenient for you to get your Florida Marriage License without going to the County Clerk’s Office.  This service is perfect for couples traveling to Florida from another state and don’t have time when they arrive to get to the Clerk’s Office and for locals who just don’t have time make it to the Clerk’s Office during business hours.

Here’s our our Florida Marriage License by Mail Service works:

You hire us as your Officiant Service and request to get your marriage license through our Florida Marriage License by Mail service. We will collect the applicable fee requested for the license and our service. The fee for our Florida Marriage License by Mail varies depending on the time frame needed to get your marriage license. It’s a simple process. We will provide you with a Florida Marriage License application to complete. Once you complete the application you’ll return it to us along with a copy of your valid driver’s license or passport. Your marriage license would be processed and returned to us. We would then return it to you along with an application that you would need to have signed in front of a notary. Once this is done you will return everything to us and we are good to complete the final process in obtaining the marriage license. On the day of your wedding you don’t have to worry about paperwork! How awesome is that?!

Finally able to get legally married in Florida!!! Photo by Bret Svenson

Photo by Bret Svenson

Contact Us to get more information on this wonderful service. Let us help you get started with the mail away license procedure. One less thing for you to think about having to do.  You can think about having a fun stress free wedding and not have to think about going to apply for your marriage license.

Full payment is due upon booking your Florida Marriage License By Mail.