October Weddings in Tallahassee Florida

On Saturday October 4th, I had the honor of marry Lyndsi and Mike. They were a sweet couple with a beautiful wedding ceremony. October weddings in Tallahassee Florida are some of my favorite (thus why I chose to get married in October) because the weather is gorgeous. And boy was the weather PERFECT for Mike and Lyndsi’s wedding.

Mike and Lyndsi met each other while working at Esposito Lawn and Garden Center in Tallahassee. Because of this they asked me perform a unity tree planting ceremony. I did some research and came up with a beautiful unity tree planting ceremony that Lyndsi and Mike liked. Before the wedding, we met up to go over the final details and put the final touches on their ceremony.

Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

On the day of their wedding family and friends gather outside Shuster’s Cafe in Southwood. Lyndsi’s Dad owns the Shuster’s Cafe so they were able to have a BEAUTIFUL wedding outside on the grass then a reception inside the cafe. As guests arrived a three-piece string band played. Before, during, and after the ceremony a violinist played. The ceremony included the unity tree planting ceremony, a prayer lead by Lyndsi’s Dad, and a moment of recognition for those not physically present at the wedding.

Tallahassee weddings in October are gorgeous because the weather is typically sunny and cool.

Mike and Lyndsi’s wedding ceremony setup. October weddings in Tallahassee Florida¬†are gorgeous because the weather is typically sunny and cool-which was the case for Lyndsi and Mike’s wedding on October 4th.

After the wedding Lyndsi and Mike were so happy. They thanked me and said they really appreciated everything I did for them which made me feel really good. I love being a part of weddings where everyone is happy and laid back!