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Many Florida County Clerk Offices No Longer Perform Marriage Ceremonies

By: Charmaine Doumanian, Palm Harbor

I had an elderly couple contact me looking for a Pasco County Marriage License Notary Wedding Officiant to get their Florida marriage license notarized. They got their marriage license issued at Pasco County Clerk’s Office. Pasco County doesn’t perform wedding ceremonies at the courthouse any longer. So they needed to find a simple way to get their marriage license notarized.  Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go will notarize Pasco marriage licenses  so we set an appointment time for them to come to my home. When they arrived they told me they had been married to each other for over 45 years. They were legally married in Italy and have a valid marriage license that they got when they were married. They were contacted by their insurance company and were told that they needed to have a marriage license issued in United States or they would be dropped from their insurance.  We had to chuckle about it as they have been married for over 45 years. Everything Theresa (bride) has is in his name and has been for that long. I was glad to notarize the license for them and pronounce them husband and wife again 45 years later.

We receive a number of calls wanting simple ceremonies, same sex ceremonies or just having the Florida marriage license notarized from people unable to have it done at their local County Clerk’s Office.  When you get your Florida Marriage License be sure to ask them if they perform weddings. Whether you are looking for a simple ceremony, a notary to notarize your marriage license, or an Officiant to perform a ceremony at your wedding we can help! Please contact us today!