Last 2014 Wedding and First 2015 Wedding at Pass-A-Grille Beach

I officiated a lot of weddings and this year I ended the year with a wedding at Pass-A-Grille Beach and began the year with a wedding at Pass-A-Grille Beach. It really is a nice beach and I love being a Pass-A-Grille Beach wedding ceremony officiant.

My last wedding performed in 2014 was on Pass-A-Grille Beach.  Anthony & Monalee wanted a simple ceremony on the beach at sunset. It was a very chilly evening on the beach. Anthony is a photographer at Disney World & Monalee also works in management for Disney World in Orlando. They had been very busy at the theme park with holiday guest and wanted a simple ceremony for their wedding.  Anthony had a few of his co-worker photographers taking pictures. While Anthony was anxiously waiting for Monalee his photographers were keeping him entertained by taking his picture.


Anthony posing while waiting for Monalee at their Pass-a-Grille Beach wedding ceremony.

Anthony was also trying to light candles on the beach for a walkway, but the wind wouldn’t keep them lit. Monalee arrived just as the sun set. Her teeth were chattering as she was saying her vows. Both said beautiful and meaningful vows to each other. All guest were asked to go to waters edge at the end of ceremony and cast stones with their blessings to Monalee & Anthony. They were celebrating with friends for dinner following the ceremony and bringing in the New Year 2015 at Bahama Breeze in Tampa.


Monalee and Anthony after their Pass-A-Grille Beach wedding.

The first wedding I officiated of 2015 was also on Pass-A-Grille Beach. Anthony & Ashley were vacationing in Florida from Ohio. They just wanted to be married…They are having a big wedding in Mexico next month with family and friends. The marriage requirements are much more difficult out of country so they decided to get legally married in Florida.  It was still a chilly day, but they both wanted to be married in Florida on the beach wearing swimming suits. Ashley got a cute little wedding wrap to cover her behind. She got the idea on Pinterest and wanted to have something wedding looking with her bikini. They asked George Sr to take photos with their cell phone as they were going to have professional photos done in Mexico. They were a fun couple. After ceremony they were just going to a local pub, and enjoying time together.

wedding Pass-A-Grille Beach

Simple wedding at Pass-A-Grille Beach

Me with

Me with Ashley and Anthony after their wedding on Pass-a-Grille Beach

Pass-A-Grille Beach

Me officiating Anthony and Ashley’s wedding on Pass-A-Grille Beach