Redington Beach Florida Wedding

Jackie and Jerry were travelling to Florida from Indiana to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with her parents. Her parents had a timeshare unit at Redington Ambassador Resorts on the beach. Jackie and Jerry thought it would be great to have a Redington Beach Florida Wedding, be with her parents, and spend Thanksgiving together. When Jackie called I suggested a package with photographer and officiant. She happily said, How easy! Do I need to do anything else?” I let her know she would just need to get their Florida Marriage License when she arrived, and be safe driving to Florida!

The wedding was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was rather chilly day so they decided to have the wedding on the balcony at the condo where they were staying. She was concerned about her parents being out in the cold on the beach. The balcony had a gorgeous ocean view.
Jackie’s parents were very pleased that they decided to have the wedding while visiting with them over the holiday.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry at their Redington Beach Florida wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie held a pretty bouquet of red roses and looked very pretty with a simple white gown.

Jackie Photos by George Sr.

The newly wed Jackie. Photos by George Sr.

After the ceremony George Sr. took photos in the condo and suggested to Jackie and Jerry that they go out to the beach for a few more photos. The wind had died down and it was actually pretty nice out on the beach.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry with Jackie’s parents. Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry were staying through the weekend before returning back to Indiana. They were so pleased and thankful.