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Surprise Vow Renewal on Belleair Beach Florida

Jimmy contacted me about having a surprise vow renewal ceremony while he and his family were vacationing in Belleair Beach Florida. They would be celebrating their 20 year wedding anniversary and they had talked about doing a vow renewal. Jimmy had a tough time keeping his surprise vow renewal plans a secret. He e-mailed me and said his wife, Roxanne, was being nosey and needed a way to throw her off. He was very thoughtful! He said he would send a money order for deposit or have his brother-in-law send a check for him so she wouldn’t see the money come out of their bank account and start asking questions. He e-mailed me from work and sent discreet text messages so she wouldn’t find out about his plan.

He did such a great job because she was totally surprised!!

Jimmy asked me to be out on the beach and have a sign that read, “Rox” with a heart on it.


Sign to get Roxanne’s attention for the Surprise Vow Renewal on Belleair Beach Florida that Jimmy had so thoughtfully planned

It was a beautiful night. The ceremony took place right outside of the Belleair Beach Club. I went out on to the beach, placed my beach chair out, and had a chalkboard. I drew the “Rox” message on the chalkboard and sat on the sand pretending like I was drawing. Jimmy text that they were on the way down. Jimmy, his wife Roxanne & son and daughter walked right by me heading towards the ocean. His daughter noticed me drawing, and said to her Mother “look what that says”. When she turned around and read the message she looked at her husband and said, “What are you up to?” I went over to her and asked if she was Roxanne Miller, and when she said yes, I said to her “a special admirer shared with me a special occasion that you are going to be celebrating, and asked if I would be here to perform a 20 year vow renewal ceremony celebrating your 20 year wedding anniversary.” She was so shocked!!

We had a beautiful surprise Vow Renewal on Belleair Beach Florida. I took photos for them after the ceremony and congratulated Jimmy on a great job keeping this hidden.

They were all very pleased and thanked me very much.

Me with Roxanne and Jimmy at their 20 year Surprise Vow Renewal on Belleair Beach Florida

Me with Roxanne and Jimmy at their 20 year Surprise Vow Renewal on Belleair Beach Florida