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Tallahassee Home Wedding Ceremony

On July 12, 2014, I had the honor of marrying Emile and Chyretta. Their wedding was at their home at 11am. The weather was hot and humid, but the rain held off  so the ceremony could be performed as scheduled! Tallahassee home wedding ceremony are some of my favorite, because everyone is casual and just happy to be together. I enjoy all weddings, but it’s exceptionally neat to see what couples can put together at their home to create a beautiful wedding ceremony. You don’t need a lot of money or resources to have a really nice wedding at your house with a few family and friends. I always encourage couples who are considering going down to the Court House to get married to think about doing something small at their house. It’ll be much more comfortable, family and friends can all be their, and it’ll be more memorable and special.

This the home that Emile and Chyretta live in. Check out the sign above front door, “Smile, it Confuses People”. As soon as I arrived and saw that sign, I knew they’d be a great couple to work with!

Emile and Chyrettas home. Check out the sign above front door, "Smile, it Confuses People". As soon as I arrived and saw that sign, I knew theydd be a great couple to marry!

Emile and Chyretta’s home.

The morning was a perfect time for a wedding because it was not TOO hot yet! Emile had everything setup in their backyard while Chyretta got ready inside. The ceremony was held under a tent which was under a tree so there was nice shade. One of Chyretta’s sons sat in the front row and held the rings. When it came time for the rings he excitedly stood up and handed them to me.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

About 10-12 family and friends attended the ceremony then later in the afternoon they were having a  small reception with food from Publix.

Tent where Emile and Chyrettas reception would be held later in the afternoon

Tent where Emile and Chyretta’s reception would be held later in the afternoon

Emile and Chyretta are a perfect example of a happy in love couple who wanted to get married and do a little more than a court house wedding so they put together a small low budget wedding that made them happy. I was honored to be a part of their Tallahassee home wedding ceremony and glad to help make their wedding day special.