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Tampa Davis Island Wedding

The Davis Island Garden Club is a beautiful place for a Tampa Davis Island Wedding because it is on the waterfront AND has gorgeous garden flowers which create an ideal image for a fairy tale wedding.  Davis Island Garden Club is five minutes from downtown Tampa. It’s right on the waterfront of Harbour Island and it’s where we officiated Elise & Justin Owens’ Tampa Davis Island Wedding on March 28th.
Congratulations, Justin and Elise!

Congratulations, Justin and Elise!

Elise had corresponded with Charmaine since last summer in preparing her vows for their Tampa Davis Island Wedding. Justin was a little nervous about reciting his vows. He chuckled because Elise is a teacher so she is used to speaking in front of crowds, but  he isn’t. As their Tampa Davis Island Wedding Officiant, Charmaine was able to easily calm him down and assured him that nobody would remember if he “messed” up on any words. She kindly reminded him that the only words not to stumble on was, “I do”.
Elise and Justin  stood outside in the backyard near gazebo for their Tampa Davis Island Wedding. The reception was inside the banquet room.  The combination of flowery gardens and Tampa ocean water made the wedding remarkable.
As very experience Tampa Davis Island Wedding Officiant’s we work with couples like Elise and Justin on a regular basis. If you and your significant other are nervous about your ceremony, not sure where to begin, or maybe you know exactly what you want, we can work with you to make your ceremony enjoyable and stress free. We encourage you to hire Tampa Davis Island Wedding Officiant that is experienced so they know how to “go with the flow” when things don’t go exactly as plan OR they know to tell the crowd to sit down even though it was written in the script. We look forward to speaking to you soon about your Tampa Davis Island Wedding!!