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Wedding in Channelside Tampa

On Saturday, November 1st George Jr. officiated Brian Rickman and Reyna Morales’ wedding in Channelside Tampa Florida. He officiated the wedding in Spanish because Reyna’s family is from Mexico and they don’t speak English. Their wedding was a lot of fun because it was on a dinner cruise boat!! There was a mariachi band playing as guests walked on to the boat. George Jr. officiated their wedding while the boat was still docked in Channelside. After the wedding was over George got off the boat and it headed off for a fun night of dancing, food, and celebration. Brian and Reyna are a great couple. They met because Brian owns a Little Cesar’s store and he hired Reyna as one of his employees. Shortly after she started working for him they started dating and the rest is history 🙂

George had a lot of fun officiating their Spanish wedding in Channelside Tampa and hopes the rest of the dinner boat cruise was just as fun for them! Felicidades, Brian y Reyna!!!

George Jr. getting ready to officiate

George Jr. getting ready to officiate Brian and Reyna’s wedding in Channelside Tampa on the dinner cruise boat. Mariachi band in the background playing traditional Spanish music.

The happy couple!

The happy couple!