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Yay! Marriage Equality in Florida

On January 6, 2015 Florida began issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Every Wedding Officiant with our A Beautiful Wedding in Florida team was so excited for this to FINALLY happen. Throughout the years of officiating we’ve had many couples contact us to perform commitment ceremonies and notarize some other forms but sadly they weren’t able to be legally married in the state of Florida. Now things have changed and we are so excited for all the couples who have been waiting for this moment. We have already started booking same-sex wedding ceremonies throughout the Tampa and Tallahassee Florida area for the upcoming months, but today we we notarized our first same-sex marriage license in Leon County Florida. The couple, who asked to keep their names private, have been together for 11 years and were very happy to finally be able to be married. They got their marriage license a few days ago and today it was ready to be notarized. They asked me to meet them at their home early this morning before they went to work so they could bring the marriage license back and get the certified copy. They were a wonderfully pleasant couple and I was happy, and excited, to notarize their marriage license. They are planning to have a celebration with friends and family this coming Spring. So today we raise a toast to the first same-sex couple that allowed us to be a part of their special moment. We look forward to working many more wonderful couples! Yay for marriage equality in Florida!