50 Year Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony Palm Harbor

Phillip and Debbie were having a 50 year wedding anniversary party at the Lucky Dill in Palm Harbor on August 29th. Their good friend’s Louis and Helene from Las Vegas were coming to Florida to attend the party and wanted to give them a special vow renewal ceremony gift….and that’s where I come into the picture. Louis and Helene hired me to perform a surprise vow renewal ceremony at Phillip and Debbie’s anniversary party.

50 Year Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony Palm Harbor

Phillip and Debbie’s friends arranged a 50 Year Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony Palm Harbor at The Lucky Dill.

When I arrived at the Lucky Dill I went into the room where the party was being held. Family and friends were socializing with one another. Nobody knew about the surprise. I asked the hostess at Lucky Dill if she could describe Phillip and Debbie to me so I knew who they were when I went in.  As soon as I recognized who they were I loudly asked if they were Phillip and Debbie. When they said, “yes” I asked all the other guest if I could have their attention. I said to Phillip and Debbie, “your good friends Louis and Helene shared with me a special occasion that you are celebrating here today and asked me here to perform a vow renewal ceremony celebrating your 50 year wedding anniversary.” They were so so surprised!  We gathered everyone together and I performed the vow renewal ceremony.  As I performed the ceremony and was reading the vows “Say I love you every day. I remind you that marriage is a precious gift, a lifelong dedication to love and a daily challenge to love one another more fully and more freely.” Debbie had tears in her eyes right from the beginning and I could see that Phillip was close to tears also. I could see the love they still have for each other just as they did 50 years ago when they were married. I could see them reflecting on their marriage journey as they looked in on another’s eyes.


Phillip and Debbie were so surprised with their 50 year vow renewal ceremony Palm Harbor. I brought our “We still do” sign so they could take some pictures with it. What a wonderful celebration to be a part of!

Phillip and Debbie were so please and surprised. They asked me to sign their photo that they were having all of the guest were sign and take a photo with them.  Louis and Helene repeatedly thanked me as did Phillip and Debbie. It was really fun and such an honor to be a part of their celebration.


Phillip and Debbie celebrated 50 years of marriage on 8/29/15. I had the privilege of officiating their 50 year surprise vow renewal ceremony Palm Harbor.

August 29 is the actual day that they were married 50 years ago! Dinner and party continued after the ceremony. Congratulations to Phillip and Debbie were extended by all guest. What a wonderful couple and wonderful friends to arrange such a kind surprise!