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Anniversary Gift Idea- Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony

Have you ever struggled about what to get your husband or wife for your wedding anniversary? How about a wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony?!

Jim and Pauline

We have officiate vow renewal ceremonies for couples as surprises given to them by others, celebrations including children,  and simply as a way to commemorate that special occasion. A vow renewal ceremony is a special gift a couple can give to one another. Couples renewing their vows take time to reflect back on the journey of their married life.

Siomora and Christopher reflecting back on the years!!

Siomora and Christopher reflecting back on the years!!

Siomora & Christopher never exchange rings when they were married. Siomora planned a vow renewal ceremony on June 5th at Sand Key Park. The ceremony was early in the morning when the beach was nice and peaceful. They brought their three beautiful sons with them. They were celebrating their 8 year wedding anniversary and exchanging rings for the first time. George Sr. took photos of the ceremony and their beautiful family.

Vow renewal ceremony

Beautiful family celebratory wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. Photo by George Sr.

Jim planned a surprise vow renewal for his wife of 7 years. His wife had never been out of Nebraska and had never seen the ocean. They have two children and hadn’t been alone for more than a day since having children. He was so excited about planning the surprise wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony. The ceremony was at Sand Key Park early in the morning. Jim and I had been texting about what she was wearing and where they would be walking out on the beach. We came up with a plan, and it was such a successful surprise.

Surprise 7 year vow renewal ceremony. Sand Key Park Clearwater

Surprise 7 year vow renewal ceremony. Sand Key Park Clearwater

Amanda wanted to surprise her parents with a 35 year vow renewal ceremony. They were vacationing together in Madeira Beach. Once again Amanda and I texted and came up with the game plan. We pulled off such a surprise for her parents. They were overjoyed and had tears in their eyes. I was out on the beach making a rose petal heart in sand and George Sr was taking photos. They were coming out for an evening stroll on the beach when I approached them about the ceremony. Surprise Surprise!!!

Richard and Pau

Richard and Pauline so surprised that their daughter planned a wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony for them.

We’ve had ceremonies with couples who renew their vows every year in a different location. Last year Jamie & Alia celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at Sand Key Park. Every year they were going to travel to a different location and have a vow renewal.

So if your undecided about a gift for that special occasion consider a wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony. It’s a gift that will be treasured and remembered for years to come. And if you’re not sure where to start contact us and we’ll help you!! If it’s a SURPRISE and you can’t call feel free to email or text us 🙂 We love surprises!


Surprise wedding vow renewal on St. George Island