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Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

Sometimes love hurts you! Sometimes it’s hard to come back from the hurt! As a Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant team we witness couples who have been HURT by love all the time. BUT the amazing thing about being a Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant team is that we see that they’ve moved past the hurt and learned to re-love!! Which is beautiful! We’ve married couples who have been divorced 1-7 times. And at first it’s easy to judge and say whoaa what the heck are they thinking!? But then, really who are we to judge? They found happiness and love again…and that is GREAT!!!!! When we are performing a wedding it’s easy to see how much a couple loves each other and how much the moment means to them, whether it’s their 1st marriage or 7th, it doesn’t matter it’s about being happy in the current moment and learning to share your life with the ones that matter most.

On July 29, 2014, George Jr. had the honor of being Chrissy and Mike Edd’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant. They had both been previously married. And that’s OKAY, George knew they loved each other VERY much and could feel it in how they were with each other. They had short, simple, intimate wedding on Clearwater Beach and it was just perfect…George enjoyed being a part of it and getting to know them!

So as your favorite Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant team, we remind you to LOVE like you’ve NEVER been hurt!