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Clearwater Commitment Ceremony Officiant Talks About Marriage Equality in Florida

19 States now recognize same sex marriages. Florida and many southern states don’t recognize same sex marriages. I’ve had same sex couples say their minster wouldn’t perform a commitment ceremony. Seems like such a shame.

Currently, myself (Clearwater Commitment Ceremony Officiant) and all A Beautiful Wedding in Florida by A Notary On The Go officiants will happily perform commitment ceremonies for same sex partners, and should Florida pass the law on marriage equality we would gladly notarize a marriage license for any couple at a later time after a commitment ceremony at no additional cost.

We are very glad that popular TV shows like ABC’s Modern Family has helped open America’s eyes and hearts to the idea of same sex marriage.

I get calls from same sex couples wanting to have a commitment ceremony performed in Florida. I received a call the other day from a woman asking me if it was necessary to have an officiant to perform a commitment ceremony. I said the officiant wouldn’t be legalizing anything so no it wouldn’t be necessary. But I went on to explain that an officiant would be helpful in preparing the commitment ceremony vows and could perform the ceremony. She went on to say that it would be for two women. I could sense that she wanted to see if I had any hesitation or how I would respond. I was glad to offer suggestions and was very open about performing a commitment ceremony for her & her partner. We spoke about marriage equality in Florida and the hopes that same sex marriage will be legalized in Florida soon to come. She could see that I was very open to marriage equality and a true supporter. What touched me the most in our conversation was when she said,“It’s all about love.” What could say it better than two people who love each other and want to share their lives with each other. The woman, Marie, hired me as her Clearwater Commitment Ceremony Officiant for her March 14, 2015 Honeymoon Island wedding commitment ceremony. I have been working with her to create a ceremony that makes her and her partner happy. Since their marriage will not be legal in the state of Florida they’ve asked me to notarize a few legal documents prior to the ceremony; which I’ll gladly do for them. Marie is expecting about 140 family and friends to attend their commitment ceremony. I’ve enjoyed working with her so far and am sure her officiating her ceremony will be memorable and fun to be a part of.



A recent article in Orlando Sentinel claims that three judges in three separate cases in Florida could rule any day now whether to overturn Florida’s ban on gay marriages. Marriage equality is good for everyone. Let’s hope that Florida steps up with the many other states in the nation and legalizes same sex marriages….because “It’s all about love”…right?