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Clearwater Weddings on Halloween

This year Halloween fell on a Friday, which made it a GREAT day for Clearwater weddings on Halloween night! George and myself both had fun opportunities to officiated Clearwater weddings on Halloween night. Both weddings were Halloween themed which made them hilarious and fun!We always say, “Your weddings is YOUR day! Let us help you create the ceremony of your dreams!” and if it’s a Halloween themed wedding then we are there to make it the best Halloween wedding ever!

George Jr. got a last minute call from someone inquiring about him doing a wedding on Clearwater Beach for them on Halloween. They asked if he could dress up as a pirate. George said he didn’t have a pirate costume, but had a leprechaun outfit, and offered to wear it. George said the leprechaun would bring them good luck. George met Michael and Valerie on Clearwater Beach Halloween night and performed a sunset beach wedding for them. They were a fun couple and really enjoyed being married by a leprechaun…. and they appreciated the good luck that the leprechaun marrying them brought to them. Hah!

George Jr. AKA the "Lucky" Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant

George Jr. AKA the “Lucky” Clearwater Beach Wedding Officiant

George Jr. with

George Jr. with

I had a backyard wedding on Halloween at Marie and Leo’s home in Clearwater. Marie and Leo were dresses as convicts with orange pants, white shirts, and ball and chains wrapped around their ankles. The set up for the wedding ceremony was gravestones, with spider webs in the background, and orange lights. They were having a Halloween costume party for the reception. Guest were all dressed up in all kinds of fun costumes. As I was performing the ceremony as they were looking at each other and it was hard for them to keep a straight face without laughing. I was the only one not dressed up in costume, trying to be serious. It was a FUN wedding, and a great couple.

Ball and chain

Marie and Leo all dressed up for the wedding

Me with

Me with the just married Marie and Leo at their Halloween themed wedding

Halloween weddings are such fun. Couples come up with some great creative ideas for ceremonies and receptions. I wasn’t asked to dress in costume for this wedding, although I have officiated other Clearwater wedding on Halloween. Don’t let Halloween scare you from having a wonderful wedding.