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Clearwater Wedding Officiant on the Importance of Sleep and your Wedding

Sleep or shall I call it beauty sleep!!

As a Clearwater wedding officiant, I have noticed most couples forget about something very important when planning their wedding… SLEEP!!  It’s so important to think about getting proper sleep and realize how important and necessary it is when planning such a special occasion your as wedding day.

Improper sleep can add more unnecessary stress, increase irritability and even effect how you look. Mistakes can be made, many things can be overlooked and lack of sleep can cause sickness.

Travelling can make it difficult to get proper sleep. If you are planning a destination wedding where you will be travelling to a different time zone your sleep schedule will be affected. Sleeping in hotels or places outside of your home, will also affect your sleeping habits. A suggestion to consider if you are planning a destination wedding plan on arriving a few days earlier so you can adjust to the time zone and recover from jet lag. If you have a comfy pillow take it along. Pamper yourself with a nice massage, take some time to listen to some peaceful relaxing music, go for a leisurely walk or attend a yoga class. These are few things that can promote calming, and relax your brain so you can get a good night sleep.

Without the proper sleep stress and anxiety will likely affect your thoughts, feelings, moods and emotions. All of the things you don’t want for on your wedding day!! Getting a good night sleep before your wedding is so important. Weddings planning can be so hectic. We often hear how little sleep one gets when planning a wedding. Be sure to get your beauty sleep and have a beautiful wedding.