What is a Wedding Officiant?

What is a wedding officiant?

A wedding officiant is the person who performs the wedding. In Florida a notary, ordained minister such as priest or other members of the clergy. Judges can perform wedding or Clerk of Court can also perform a wedding.

Your wedding officiant is likely to be the least costly item for your wedding, but most often overlooked. Your wedding officiant is the one who ultimately joins you together and ensures that your wedding runs smoothly.

Your wedding day is the most memorable and important day of your life. Deciding who would have the honor to perform the ceremony is an important decision.

A professional officiant can help guide you and your fiancé through the process in creating your vows or giving you the option to say your own vows, as well as options for different type of inclusions such as a sand ceremony, remembering loved ones no longer with us, options for children to participate and more.

Many couples are very nervous about saying their own vows in front of guests, a professional officiant can discuss what option would be best for you, so you are comfortable with your decision. It’s truly a personal option.

Why hire a professional wedding officiant?

A professional wedding officiant has no personal involvement and can be calming when addressing the couple being married. While a friend or family member may want or ask to perform your ceremony, consider the following will they get nervous, or emotional, will they backout, you must be rather sensitive with a friend or family member when asking them to perform your wedding.

If they make a mistake, how will you feel. Do they know how to dress? Do they know when to ask guests to stand or be seated? Do they know how to step aside for the first kiss? Are they comfortable speaking in front of people? Do they know the legal requirements, and correct way to fill out your marriage license. Your wedding is such a special day.

We always say let your friends and family members enjoy the ceremony and leave the officiant to a professional.

We at A Beautiful Wedding in Florida have male, female, and Spanish officiants. We are ordained ministers and can perform a religious or non-religious ceremony, traditional or simple ceremony. We can help you create a custom ceremony or keep it simple with one of our pre-written ceremonies.

We have a catalogue of ceremonies that we will give you access to once our services are reserved. We have funny vows, religious vows, short and sweet ceremonies, unity sand, and so many more for you to select from. You and your fiancé can see what connects the best for the two of you.

We can also do editing to any of our vow pieces. If you want us to attend a rehearsal or to facilitate your rehearsal that is totally optional. We just ask you to check our availability and will give you a fair price for rehearsal presence. We are all experienced and dedicated to making sure you have an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

What does the officiant do with the marriage license after the wedding?

Your marriage license is given to the officiant on your wedding day. Nothing needs to be signed by you on your wedding day. You would have signed your license when you got it at the county clerk’s office. If you want to have witnesses sign the license that is optional. Just let us know what two people you would want as witnesses, and we will have them sign the license. Witnesses are not required. We will sign and notarize your marriage license for you. We will return the license for you to the county where you got it.

The county will record your marriage and send you a certified copy of your license back to you in the mail. It usually takes 10-14 days. You do have the option to take the license back yourself. Just let us know, and we will notarize, and give you the license back. You would need to take the license back to the same county where you got it.

The county would record your marriage and give you your certified copy back to you right away. Whatever option would work best for you.

Vow renewal officiant

A professional officiant for a vow renewal ceremony can help you with an intimate or a big celebration. We have vow renewal package options keeping it simple or with set ups, photographer and more. We have many suggestions for having a surprise vow renewal ceremony. Surprise ceremonies are always a great gift a couple can give to one another. No legal licensing or documentation is required for a vow renewal. We are available for last minute vow renewal ceremonies. We can even include your children in the ceremony.

We do have vow renewal ceremonies that you can select from in our library of vow pieces and have the option to say your own words to one another. A professional officiant for a vow renewal is just as important as for your wedding. Many couples never had the wedding of their dreams, and the vow renewal ceremony can give them just that. A true opportunity to reflect on their wonderful journey together, and to look ahead at the future of their relationship.

Have fun with your wedding or vow renewal!

We always say, “have fun at your wedding or vow renewal”. Hiring a professional officiant can give you the confidence and comfort to know that a professional will provide you with the ceremony of your dreams and create a truly memorable experience that you will never forget. We are available at the last minute or call ahead.

We all love what we do and will provide you with a professional officiant to celebrate your special day. We will talk to you and understand what you want. We will take the stress out of your day. We are always available via e-mail, telephone or text message. We at A Beautiful Wedding in Florida truly care about your special day!!

Wedding officiant locations

Our Clearwater wedding officiants perform ceremonies on the beach, at parks, venues, your backyard, our backyard. Clearwater officiants can give you some location suggestions. Sunsets in Clearwater are the nicest times for beach weddings. Clearwater officiants can help you with time options that would be the best for your wedding. Sunrise, sunset or anything in between. We also travel to beaches and locations throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Our Tallahassee wedding officiants perform ceremonies at venues, barns, parks, your home, and beaches. Our Tallahassee officiant will travel to St George Island, Alligator Point, and other beach locations. We also officiate ceremonies in Georgia. An alternate to a sunset ceremony would be sunrise on St George Island.

It is gorgeous place for a sunrise ceremony. Our Tallahassee officiant can help you with suggestions for sunrise, sunset or anything in between wedding or vow renewal ceremonies…

A professional wedding officiant in Clearwater or Tallahassee is available to help you with your special day. Last minute or call ahead service. Large or small you can depend on us to make a difference in having the wedding of your dreams.