Facebook & Your Wedding

Facebook & Your Wedding

Nowadays a lot of couples are meeting one another through various match making websites, as well as, reconnecting old relationships through Facebook. I’ve been a Clearwater Wedding Officiant for a number of weddings where couples have reconnected after many years apart because they found one another on Facebook. The first thing after the ceremony that I hear guests and even the couples say is, “post a picture on Facebook” announcing the newly married couple. I often chuckle inside when I’m at a ceremony and see how important posting on Facebook has become to our society.

Here is a photo of Cheryl who just getting ready to walk down the aisle, and is still making calls, texting and probably even doing a last minute Facebook post. Photos by George Sr.

Here is a photo of Cheryl who just getting ready to walk down the aisle and is still making calls, texting and even doing a last minute Facebook post. Photos by George Sr.

I’ve even had a bride holding her cell phone under her bouquet and wanting a photo taken IMMEDIATELY after ceremony to post on Facebook. A number of weddings are shared through Facebook with so many friends that aren’t able to attend the wedding or may not even know the couple. I’ve often thought about ending the ceremony vows with, “it is now my pleasure to pronounce you as Mr & Mrs please kiss the bride & update your Facebook status.” Haha! What’s the world coming to?! married-on-facebookAll in all Facebook is a great source of social media, keeping in touch with friends, relatives, forming friendships, relationships, and getting a lot of great tips and information. As a Clearwater Wedding Officiant, I love seeing happy couples that have met through online dating sites or reconnected through Facebook. In the end it’s about being with the person you love and it doesn’t matter how you met it matters where you end up! Read this article on The Knot for more tips on Facebook, cell phone, and social media etiquette at your wedding: “5 ways Facebook can ruin your wedding.

Put your cell phone away while walking down the isle!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2055503/OMG-Bride-starts-texting-wedding-ceremony-lol.html

“Omg! I’m getting married! Bride takes out her phone and starts textin as she walks down the aisle (after hiding it down her dress)”. Click here to read full story.



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