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Fred Howard Park Destination Wedding

Maria called me from New York last week and asked if I was available on November 5th  for a destination wedding at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs at sunset. She had never been to Clearwater area or Tarpon Springs before and was very excited. I was available and let her know I would be honored to officiate her Fred Howard Park Destination wedding.

November 5th was a beautiful evening. The temperature was just right, a light wind was blowing, and clear blue skies. Now with the time change sunset is very early 5:39 PM.

Maria and Merlin had a few friends and family members attending the Fred Howard Park Destination wedding. As her fiancé Merlin waited for his bride he was a little nervous, but so so happy. A family friend was giving her away on behalf of her Dad. Maria looked so pretty as she was escorted to Merlin. The ceremony was short and sweet and full of love!!

Family and friends were going out together to celebrate with Maria and Merlin after the wedding. Maria and Merlin were staying in Clearwater Beach until the end of the week before returning to New York. They were so thankful to me for officiating their wedding.


Family happily gather with Maria and Merlin at their Fred Howard Park destination wedding


The happy couple!