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Honeymoon Island Wedding Ceremony

Saturday was a beautiful day for a Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony. Louis & Joni were married at sunset on Honeymoon Island. They met 10 years ago on matchmaker.com. He is from Montreal Canada and she is local Palm Harbor-ian. Joni is a freelance writer and had a few particulars she wanted in the vows, and some not. She didn’t want to have any reference to money in the vow piece. She asked to omit the richer or poorer and replace it with, “my heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.”

at their Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

Louis and Joni at their Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

It was a Pinterest wedding. They had made an arbor out of branches and intertwined them together. The arbor was accented along the sides with little flowers. A fabric banner was that says Love/Amour made out of paper flags was along the side the sides of the arbor. They had pink, green and white pin wheels placed alongside the white chairs, and another wooden sign at entrance to chairs saying “by the sea I pledge my love to thee”

Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony sign on the beach.

Louis & Joni were having a reception at their home in Palm Harbor after the Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony.

Joni sent me a message saying, “Charmaine. You did a great job leading us through the vows for our wedding and also communicating with us beforehand”