Just Show up and Get Married on Clearwater Beach

Brian and Michaelle wanted a simple Florida beach wedding. They were traveling to Clearwater from Ohio for vacation and wanted to be married while they were in Florida.

They wanted to enjoy their vacation, just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach.

So they could enjoy their vacation and not worry about wedding plans, I provided the mail away marriage license application for them and handled getting the marriage license for them by mail- one less thing to do when they got to Florida.

Brian and Michaelle have known each other for over 25 years. They were engaged when they were 21, however, things happened, and they were never married. Life took its own path for a number of years. They found one another 6 years ago and felt that their love stood time and were now ready to commit. Michaelle said, “I’m ready to commit to the man I gave my heart to long long ago and a man that never gave up on me.”

When Brian contacted me he said he wanted an officiant, arbor, photos, and rose petal aisle runner. I suggested our Clearwater Beach special #2 and add the rose petal aisle runner to the package.


Clearwater Beach Special #2 with fresh rose petal aisle runner added is such a beautiful simple setup for a beach wedding.

I had correspondence with Michaelle and Brian about the vows and where we would have the ceremony. Brian asked me where he could get a wedding cake. I let him know I could get the cake and bring it to the ceremony. He was delighted. Since he was having a sunset wedding he asked for something with some sunset colors on the cake. When I called JJ Gandy’s they knew just what to do!!


This sunset cake by JJ Gandy’s was perfect for Brian and Michaelle’s sunset Clearwater Beach wedding!

The wedding was on Friday at sunset on Clearwater Beach. Brian and Michaelle couldn’t believe it when all they had to do was just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach. The ceremony setup was gorgeous.  We put up the bamboo arbor, had the rose petal aisle runner, George Sr did photos, I officiated their ceremony, and we brought them an awesome sunset wedding cake.


Brian and Michaelle wanted to just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach….and that’s exactly what we did for them! Congratulations!!!

Michaelle’s daughter was her Maid of Honor. Brian’s Mom, step father, and  a few friends were present.  They kept it simple, but so beautiful. They were having a reception back at their condo in Clearwater where they were staying.

Brian and Michaelle thanked us over for all we did. They were so pleased and thankful.