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Romantic Wedding Ceremony at Kapok Special Events in Safety Harbor

Diem and Ehren were married on November 19th. It was the most elegant and romantic wedding ceremony at  Kapok Special Events in Safety Harbor. The room where the wedding ceremony was held was beautifully decorated with white sheer draped fabrics and a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The ceremony chairs were gold chiavari with flowers decorated on the outside rows. Tall columns with candles and flowers were in the front by the platform where wedding ceremony was took place. The aisle was decorated with thick white and pink fresh rose petals that were designed with shapes of hearts and rings. The ceremony setup truly breath taking.

Diem looked so stunning. Ehren and Diem were so pleased with the wedding ceremony I prepared for them. “These are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.” They both had tears in their eyes. Diem was so sweet. After the ceremony she said, “you made me cry.”

Photos were taken after the wedding ceremony out in the gardens by the fountains and floral gardens. The reception was held in the Kapok Special Events ballroom.


After wedding ceremony pictures were taken in this beautiful garden area.

After wedding, Diem and Ehren were travelling to New Orleans for a short honeymoon. They are planning a trip to her country Vietnam next year.

Diem wrote a great review, “Charmaine was such a sweetheart and a pleasant to have at my wedding. She made the whole [ceremony process] so easy and stress free. She created the most beautiful, personal, and lovely [wedding] ceremony for me and my husband. Thank you so much for being part of our special day.”

Kapok Special Events Wedding Ceremony

Such a please to officiate Diem and Ehren’s romantic wedding ceremony at Kapok Special Events in Safety Harbor