Leap Day Wedding- What if you only had a wedding anniversary every 4 years?

Andrew contacted me about having a wedding ceremony on February 29th= Leap Day wedding! Andrew and his fiancé, Jennifer, were traveling from New York and spending a few days in Florida.  They wanted a simple beautiful wedding ceremony on a Florida beach. Whether it’s a small elopement or a large wedding ceremony, I love helping out of town couples make their wedding plans come together. I suggested they have their Florida wedding at sunset on Sand Key Park in Clearwater and they loved that idea.

Andrew and Jennifer were married at sunset on February 29th at Sand Key Park. They wanted to have a unique day for their wedding and one they will both always remember. Since February 29 only happens every four years they will only have an anniversary every four years.  “When we are married 50 years we would have only had 12 wedding anniversaries,” said Jennifer. It was a beautiful sunset evening for their wedding ceremony. Jennifer had a brother attend the wedding and he skyped other family members who couldn’t be present.

Andrew and Jennifer met on Plentyoffish dating website a few years ago. I could see they have a lot of fun together and were so happy to be getting married. They were both very pleased  and thanked me for officiating a great ceremony.


Jennifer and Andrew happily married on their Leap Day Wedding-Sand Key Park in Clearwater Florida