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Rainy Maclay Gardens Tallahassee Wedding

Rain on your wedding day happens. Especially in Florida! When it does rain and changes your wedding plans, I wish there was something I could do. It rained on my wedding day so I truly understand what a disappointment it can be. But rain is also beautiful and brings freshness to earth. As long as you are marrying the one you love most, rain or shine, it’ll be the best day ever! Trust me!


Beautiful bride, Casey, in Maclay Gardens on a rainy day. Photo by Tai Nunez Photography.

Casey and Matt were married on March 26th at a rainy Maclay Gardens Tallahassee wedding ceremony. I had the honor of officiating their ceremony.  The day before we met at Maclay Gardens for a rehearsal. The weather forecast was showing high chance of rain for Saturday, but we all crossed our fingers it’d hold off. I guided everyone through the rehearsal. Casey and I talked about what we’d do for “plan b” in the event of rain.

On Saturday it was raining and raining and raining. I felt so bad because Maclay Gardens is a beautiful for outdoor Tallahassee weddings. I arrived at Maclay Gardens and big tents were up around the cottage.


M&M’s make everything better 🙂

One small tent was placed right outside the house. For the ceremony Casey walked out of the house with her Dad then we had the ceremony right there. There was a second larger tent setup adjacent to the house where other guests gathered for the ceremony.


Small tent right outside cottage for ceremony.

Casey and Matt are the sweetest couple. Rain was not going to stop them from having a wonderful day shared with family and friends. We gathered closely under the tent for their ceremony. Casey’s Dad walked her down the aisle and gave her to Matt.


Rain didn’t stop us from having a wedding ceremony filled with love, smiles, and a few happy tears.  Photo by Tai Nunez Photography.

Rain or shine, Matt's love for Casey is real. Photo by Tai Nunez Photography.

Rain or shine, Matt’s love for Casey is real and he was so happy to be holding her hands on their wedding day. Photo by Tai Nunez Photography.

Despite the rain photographer, Tai Nunez, was able to capture the beauty of Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park and the love Casey and Matt share. Check out more photos:


Congratulations, Casey and Matt!!

Congratulations, Casey and Matt!!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park Tallahassee, FL

Photographer: Tai Nunez Photography

DJ: Amplify Entertainment