Sarasota Wedding Ceremony

Sarasota Wedding Ceremony

Bill & Melanie were vacationing in Sarasota from Ohio. Bill contacted me and asked me to perform their Sarasota wedding ceremony at The Lido Beach Club in Sarasota. They were having a few family members attend, but were going to keep it small and simple. Bill & Melanie arrived the Saturday before the wedding. On Tuesday Bill surprised Melanie, and had her daughter, and granddaughter flown in to be at the wedding. Bill snuck out and drove to Tampa and picked them up at the airport.

Bill & Melanie were delighted with the weather here in Florida. Not having been out in the sun all winter Melanie got a little sunburn the day before the wedding. The beach was really pretty. Lido Beach has beautiful soft white sand. They were in awe at all the beautiful shells along the white sandy beach. It was only 65 degrees day of the wedding.  I was a little chilly, but they said they would be freezing and shoveling snow in Ohio. They were delighted with 65 degrees. Bill & Melanie have been together for over 14 years, and were ready to be married.

Perfect Florida winter day for Bill and Melanie's Sarasota wedding ceremony

Perfect Florida winter day for Bill and Melanie’s Sarasota wedding ceremony

They were spending the rest of the week at the beach and enjoying time together. Family and friends were all going to celebrate at Tommy Bahama that evening.

Bill & Melanie thanked me so much for being available and performing a beautiful Sarasota wedding ceremony for them. It was JUST as they wanted.

me with a their Sarasota wedding ceremony

Me with Bill and Melanie at their Sarasota wedding ceremony


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  1. Bill Gilroy says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding. Our families really liked you.
    A nice thing happened during the pictures, we seen our only (2) Dolphins for the week.
    We will remember that moment, and you, the rest or our lives.
    Bill & Melanie

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