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Simple Palm Harbor Wedding Ceremonies

I hear quite often “I can’t afford to get married right now.” What’s to afford? Yes, you do have to get a marriage license, but everything else can be affordable. Maybe not elaborate, but affordable. Especially here in Florida. We have so many beautiful parks, beaches, gardens and even backyards that are great places for a wedding that have minimal cost involved. The main focus is to be married isn’t it?!

This past weekend, I performed a wedding on Saturday for Malania and Jimmy at their home in New Port Richey. They have been together for over five years and wanted to be married. A few friends and family members were guest. They kept it simple. There were cupcakes and champagne and everyone was just enjoying being together with the select people that were invited. I took a few photos for them with their camera and they were very happy.

Me wtih

Me with Malania and Jimmy at their wedding in New Port Richey

Later in the day, I performed a ceremony for Penny and Stanley at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. They also kept it simple. They had the beauty of the beach and had friends take photos for them. They were going out together with friends after the ceremony, but hadn’t made any plans on where.


Me with Penny and Stanley at their wedding in Honeymoon Island

The brides for both weddings didn’t wear wedding gowns. They did both wear smiles and I could see the genuine love they have for their now spouses.

If you are holding off in getting married because of money, contact us A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Palm Harbor, Dunedin or Tallahassee. We can give you ideas and options for a wedding that you just might be able to afford, but hadn’t even thought about. We see Simple Palm Harbor Wedding Ceremonies and simple Tallahassee area wedding ceremonies all the time!!

Keep it fun, simple, and get married!!! KEEP CALM AND GET MARRIED!