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Simple Weekend Weddings

Summer weekend weddings are very popular in Florida…and I love being a part of them! This past weekend I had the privilege of officiating three awesome couples simple weddings.

On Sunday, I met Heather & Ray at 7:00 AM and performed their morning sunrise wedding ceremony on beautiful Pass-A-Grille Beach in St Petersburg  A friend of theirs brought them to the beach in a limo. The beach was so quite. The only sounds were the ocean waves and a few sea gulls hovering along the shore. This is why sunrise weddings in the summer are my favorite time for beach weddings. Ray & Heather wanted a simple quiet ceremony on Pass-A-Grille beach and they got it! There wasn’t even the typical beach goers. It was just quiet, simple, and beautifully romantic.

wedding pass-a-grille beach

Ray and Heather’s sunrise wedding on Pass-a-grille beach.

Saturday afternoon I married Ron & Debra at their home in Palm Harbor, FL. Ron hired me as his Palm Harbor wedding officiant and asked me for the most basic simplest traditional ceremony. They wanted their wedding to be a celebration with a few family members and friends. The ceremony was in their living room and was just what they wanted. Debra’s sister from New York surprised Debra and came to Florida just for the wedding. They were having a celebration at a neighbor’s house. The ceremony was exactly as they asked it to be.

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Ron & Debra at their Palm Harbor wedding

Also on Saturday afternoon I officiated Kelly and Don’s wedding at Rigsby Recreation Center in Safety Harbor. Family and friends had decorated and setup the hall for the ceremony and reception. It was nice to be a part of an indoor wedding on a hot Florida Saturday afternoon.

Rigsby Recreational Center in Safety Harbor set up for wedding

Rigsby Recreational Center in Safety Harbor set up for wedding

Don was comfortable in his black tux and Kelly looked beautiful in her white gown. Don was nervous before the ceremony and was glad to see me when I arrived. I talked to him and asked him how he and Kelly met and got to know more about him and Kelly. As we spoke he calmed down and was then just anxious for the ceremony. They met a year and a half ago in a bar. He never thought he’d meet someone in a bar and get married to that person. He chuckled when I told him that’s how I met my now husband of 32 years. Kelly and Don had a simple wedding ceremony and reception. They were going to spend a few days honeymooning on St. Petersburg Beach.

Kelly & Don photo Safety Harbor wedding

Kelly & Don at their Safety Harbor wedding

Weddings don’t have to be big and extravagant to be nice. As a Palm Harbor Wedding Officiant, trust me, there are plenty of ways to create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you and your budget.