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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Tallahassee Impromptu Wedding

Billy and Annette had been talking about getting married for awhile. Yesterday as they were driving from Alabama to Valdosta Georgia for a conference they decided to make a stop in Tallahassee Florida and get married!

It’s pretty simple to get married in Florida. There isn’t a waiting period for non-Florida residents. Meaning, if you and your fiance do not have Florida IDs then you can obtain a Florida Marriage License from any Florida Clerk of Court and the same day be married in Florida. Some Florida Clerk of Courts still offer marriage ceremonies but since same-sex marriage became legal many Florida Clerk of Courts have stopped marriage ceremonies which means you need to find someone to marry you- like one of our A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Officiants!

Annette and Billy contacted me early in the morning asking if they obtained their Florida Marriage License, I’d be available to officiate a ceremony for them. I was available and excited to officiate a lucky wedding on St. Patrick’s Day! After they got their marriage license, I told them to meet me at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park in Tallahassee. It’s one of my favorite spots to officiate small weddings because it’s beautiful, peaceful, and never crowded.

As soon as we all met at the park it started raining! Billy and Annette had celebratory dinner reservations in Valdosta and wanted to get back on the road so we grabbed our umbrellas and did the marriage ceremony! Because of the rain there was no one, just an alligator, at the park. It was perfect and just what they wanted.

I officiated their ceremony, notarized their marriage license, took a few pictures for them and they were back on the road!!

Rain on your wedding day is good luck plus it was St. Patrick’s Day so Billy and Annette’s wedding is definitely filled with luck and love!!


Skip the court house! I can officiate your wedding ceremony at a beautiful Tallahassee park.

Skip the court house! I can officiate your wedding ceremony at a beautiful Tallahassee park.