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Sunrise Wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL

I get up decently early each day but not early enough to see the sunrise! Hah! But when asked to officiate a sunrise wedding ceremony,  I’ll be glad to get up and officiate your ceremony. Sunrise is by far the nicest time to have a wedding ceremony on the beach. Especially in the summer months. In the morning the beaches are quiet, calm, and peaceful…and not so hot. If you want a nice quiet beach wedding ceremony, you should consider an early morning wedding. It’s not ideal for guest, but if you are having guests consider a nice brunch followed by a day at the beach.

For Maegan & Robert it was about them. Robert said they had thought about courthouse, but decided they wanted something that they would have memories and be special. They were eloping!  They plan to have something else with friends and guests next year. We planned their sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL for  7:00 AM. The sun doesn’t rise over the beach, but as it was becoming daylight the sky and scenery was just beautiful. Maegan & Robert met at the Beachcomber Hotel in St Petersburg Beach so that’s where they decided they should get married. They had stayed at Beachcomber the night before and I performed the ceremony for them the following morning. They were going to enjoy the rest of the day & weekend together before returning back to day to day life. Maegan & Robert will be moving to Oklahoma in June. Robert is stationed in the Air Force, and will be transferred to Oklahoma.

Happily married couple!

The happily married couple! Sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL

Maegan messaged me later and said, “Thank you so much for making our morning so special”

If you are interested in a morning wedding contact A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Clearwater and A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Tallahassee. We would love to perform your morning wedding.

Look how beautiful the sky is

Look how beautiful the sky is in the morning. Sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL