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Spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa

Tom and Katie were traveling to Tampa from Miami and decide to they wanted to get married. They contacted us on Friday morning and asked if we had an officiant available to perform a spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa the following day. They had their marriage license and wanted to have the wedding at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa. George Sr. was available to officiate so we quickly put the plans together.

Tom asked if we could get them a bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, and we could! We were able to get a beautiful bouquet and boutonniere from our friend’s at Flowerama.

The wedding took place on Saturday on the 4th floor balcony of the the Epicurean Hotel overlooking Tampa. It was a beautiful afternoon and the balcony was empty which made for the perfect intimate elopement ceremony. George Sr. brought their flowers and officiated the wedding ceremony. During their wedding ceremony, Katie and Tom said beautiful words to each other. Recognizing obstacles and challenges they may encounter on their journey ahead, however, never forgetting the love they have for each other. It was truly a perfect heartfelt elopement ceremony.

Later that evening Tom and Katie were going to a celebratory dinner at Bern’s Steakhouse.

Tom and Katie both thanked us for everything!! They were so pleased and appreciative of all we did to make their spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa wonderful.

Last minute wedding ceremonies and elopements are fun for us and we love being a part of them. If you’re considering a spur of the moment elopement ceremony in Tampa area, we’d be glad to help you put it together!