Country Western Wedding in Lithia Florida

Not all Florida weddings are at a beach or park. George Sr. officiated Brandon and Carly’s country western wedding in Lithia Florida at The Chat ‘N’ Chew on November 8th. Just like the name sounds it is a rustic lodge western style venue. Chat ‘N’ Chew is located on a beautiful 70 acre property nestled by shady oak trees. George Sr. said it was out in the middle of nowhere, but commented on how pretty it was. The ceremony was outside under the trees and a fun western reception followed inside Chat ‘N’ Chew.

As George Sr. was walking into the venue he almost stepped right on a nice big cow paddy. He had to laugh! Can’t get more country than this in Florida.

Watch your step! Hah!

Watch your step! Hah!

The guests were all wearing jeans, boats, and cowboy hats. George Sr. and the wedding party were the only ones in formal attire. It was a very nice wedding and it looked like they had a fun reception planned after the wedding.

Carly and Brandon wanted a simple ceremony. Brandon wore a grey suit with a red rose boutonnière that matched the flowers in Carly’s bouquet. Carly looked so pretty wearing a white sleeveless gown and carrying a small bouquet of fall colored flowers.

Carly and Brandon thanked George Sr. for a wonderful ceremony, and appreciated him performing the ceremony.

George Sr. with the newly wed

George Sr. with the newly weds at their wedding in Lithia Florida