Florida Winter Ceremonies

Florida Winter Ceremonies


The holiday’s have come and gone and we’re busy officiating Florida Winter Ceremonies

We’ve had some cold weather here in Florida this winter, but that hasn’t stopped Florida winter ceremonies and vow renewals from happening.

Angel and Bernard were married on Clearwater Beach on January 2nd. They traveled to Clearwater for vacation from South Carolina. Angel thought she’d be swimming and be able to wear her wedding dress without a jacket but it turned out to be a cold sunset beach wedding. Although it was cold the beach was so quiet and gorgeous making it an ideal time for a private beach ceremony. Even thought it was cold their love was true, and Bernard kept Angel warm in his arms throughout the ceremony.

Clearwater Beach Winter Wedding Ceremony

Warm hearts, cold beach!!

Every year Jon and Patty visit to St George Island for their wedding anniversary week. St. George Island is where they went on their honeymoon and continue a yearly tradition going to St George Island. This year Jon surprised his wife with an anniversary vow renewal ceremony. On the day of, it was a bit of a foggy cold day. As they were walking their dog on the beach Amanda approached them and asked if they would let her take a photo for a school project she was doing. When she looked at the photo and asked if they were Patty & Jon they said yes.  Amanda let Patty know that she was here to celebrate a special occasion, and perform a vow renewal ceremony for their wedding anniversary. Patty was so surprised, and loved it so much.

St. George Island Vow Renewal Ceremony Officiant

Surprise vow renewal ceremony- St George Island.

Another cold ceremony was this past Saturday at Sand Key Park. LaTressa and Desyouth are both in military. She was in Jacksonville and he in Miami. They had been trying to coordinate schedule and when to have wedding before they are both deployed. LaTressa planned her beach wedding and when Saturday arrived it was so cold. We didn’t even go all the way down to the beach for the ceremony. It was beautiful. The love they have for each other truly warmed them both up. LaTressa e-mailed me and thanked me for everything.

Rain or shine, wind or cold …we will perform a beautiful wedding for you.

Wedding Ceremony at Sand Key Park in Clearwater

Cold ceremony on Sand Key Park


Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies

Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies


Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies are the best!!!

Sunrise or very early morning is the nicest time of day for a beach wedding in the Florida Summer. Also if you want a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for your summertime wedding ceremony morning is by far the nicest time for just that. Summers in Florida get very hot and humid as the day goes on. In the morning it isn’t as hot and humid making it so much more comfortable thus why we highly recommend summertime morning wedding ceremonies.

A Beautiful Wedding in Florida had a beautiful sunrise vow renewal ceremony on Sunday for Brenda and Kenneth. We were the first and only ones on the beach at Sand Key Park in Clearwater at 7:00 AM. George Sr and I made a fresh rose petal heart in the sand and George SR took photos. Brenda and Kenneth were celebrating their 25th year wedding anniversary on that day. They were vacationing in Florida from Missouri. Brenda and Kenneth chose to commemorate their ceremony with the giving and receiving of communion recognizing their spiritual commitment and showing their participation in the body of Christ. The quiet ambiance at the beach allowed us to just listen to the waves of the ocean and have a very undisturbed vow renewal ceremony.

Immediately following Brenda and Kenneth’s vow renewal ceremony, we had a wedding ceremony at 9:00 AM on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. George Sr. and I met Hope and Wendy at the beach before the beach crowds started to arrive. We setup the arbor on the white sand where no beach goers had arrived yet then had a lovely wedding ceremony. Hope and Wendy chose to participate in a unity sand ceremony with pink and purple sands to be blended.

Summertime morning wedding ceremonies are popular! We officiated another morning wedding ceremony before the Honeymoon Island park opened. Bonenita and Jody were married outside of Honeymoon Island State park before it opened! They are fishermen and chose to tie the knot with the fishermen’s knot ceremony.

Quite often summertime morning wedding ceremonies or sunrise ceremonies are celebrated without guests but guests are not excluded. After the wedding ceremony you can have a celebrotary reception brunch or beach day. We always say “It’s your day” have fun with it.

Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies

Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies


It’s been a busy weekend with Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies!Mary and Dale

Last Saturday, Mary and Dale had a sunrise ceremony on Clearwater Beach. Mary and Dale were visiting Florida from Arkansas and wanted to elope on the beach. When I first spoke with Mary she wasn’t sure about what time for the wedding. I told her, “sunrise is the nicest time for a beach ceremony.”  We agreed to have their wedding on Saturday morning at Clearwater beach. On Saturday morning the beach was so quiet and still. All we could hear were the sea gulls and rolling waves. We had a few “guest” dolphins present. They swam by as I performed the ceremony. It was truly a perfect setting for a Florida beach wedding.  Mary and Dale were so excited. They both thanked me so much for a beautiful wedding!

Later on Saturday afternoon, I officiated a wedding ceremony for Carly and Brody at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. The Botanical Gardens is a great and very beautiful place for a wedding. The ceremony was held in the wedding garden.

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Botanical Gardens

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo

They had setup chairs, a DJ, and Orange Blossom catering was doing the the outdoor reception after ceremony. They were able to keep the wedding simple, yet very tastefully setup. There were covered tents for the dinner and each table was setup with a vase of roses for centerpieces.  Carly looked so pretty! I had to get a picture of Carly by the walkway to the wedding garden where a beautiful archway of lavender flowers were overhead. Carly was a very organized bride. She asked me for a rehearsal guide and she put everything together for her ceremony. She and Brody are a real fun couple. It was so obvious that they truly love each other and have a lot of fun together.’

I ended the Saturday with a beautiful sunset wedding on Clearwater Beach. Samantha and Scott flew into Tampa from New Hampshire Saturday morning. They were leaving for a week long Norwegian cruise out of Tampa on Sunday with a number of family and friends. They wanted to be married on Saturday at sunset. Samantha had corresponded with me asking me if this could be done since they weren’t getting into Florida until the day of the wedding. I told her if we did our convenient Florida Marriage License by Mail service, I could obtain their Florida Marriage License without them ever coming to Florida and then we could marry them on Saturday!  She was delighted about this service!! I put a Clearwater wedding package together for them including: Officiant, Florida Marriage License by Mail, Photographer (Photos by George Sr.), and a fresh rose petal heart in the sand. Samantha and Scott had a about forty family members who attended the ceremony. Samantha and Scott were both a bit nervous. They didn’t know what to do so I spoke with Samantha and went over everything. On the wedding day George Sr. and I, arrived early to go over everything with Scott as well. Samantha and Scott and their guests were staying in Tampa.  They arranged for the Super Shuttle to take everyone to Clearwater for the wedding and pick them up later- what a great idea!!! It worked out so well because Clearwater Beach is very busy and parking spots are hard to come by. Everything turned out perfect! Samantha and Scott were so pleased and  said we made everything so easy for them. They thanked us for going above and beyond and making it more than they ever expected 🙂

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!


Geralyn (Brittany’s Mother) had been corresponding with me for over a year in planning her daughter Brittany & now son-in law Kyle’s Clearwater Beach wedding.  Geralyn hired us to handle the ceremony setup including bamboo poles with decorations, sand ceremony and setup, photographer, and officiant.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

The wedding was this past Saturday. They rented a beach house on Clearwater Beach. Geralyn corresponded with me about the wedding setup, photos, where to get flowers, hair done, where to go to dinner etc…She was paying great attention to details and I could tell by her messages just how excited and how much this meant to her.  In some of her messages, I could pick up tearful sentiment as she was corresponding about her daughter’s wedding. I let her know that I had a daughter recently get married and sent her my picture of me balling my eyes out at my daughter’s wedding. She laughed, and we continued with Mother-to-Mother correspondence in planning her daughter’s wedding. We enjoyed corresponding and planning her daughter’s wedding. On the day of the wedding it was so nice to finally meet her!

Brittany and Kyle were married this past Saturday at sunset on Clearwater Beach. It was a rather chilly evening. Brittany and Kyle and family are from Illinois so the cold didn’t bother them. They were jumping for joy!!

jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Brittany and Kyle jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

A multi-colored four post bamboo poles was setup. They performed sand ceremony blending sand into a photo frame.


Brittany and Kyle’s wedding ceremony setup. A Beautiful Wedding In Florida provide bamboo setup with decorations, photographer, sand ceremony, and officiant. Photos by George Sr.

George Sr did the photographs and video. It was a beautiful sunset. He had them strolling on the beach and got a lot of shots of them having fun together.

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding,

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Family and friends were going to The Beachcomber for reception dinner. Brittany and Kyle were staying in Clearwater Beach until Monday when they were going to begin their honeymoon bye taking a cruise before returning to Illinois.

Geralyn thanked me so much for everything. She couldn’t believe that it came and went so fast. She looked forward to a relaxing Sunday on Clearwater beach. She sent me an email saying “I want to thank you and George again for all that you did.  It’s kind of sad that our brief relationship is over.  I enjoyed our correspondence.  You must get great satisfaction on the positive way you touch the lives of so many people.  I wish you and your family the best.” It’s always nice to know that our hard work is appreciated and enjoyed.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle! We had a wonderful time being a part of your beautiful Clearwater beach wedding! Photos by George Sr.

Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding

Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding


Julia & Gary traveled from Indiana to Florida where they had their destination Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach wedding last Saturday night. To get down to Florida it was the first time that Gary had ever flown. They wanted a small simple wedding on the beach. A few family members and friends had traveled with them to Florida for vacation and to attended the wedding. On the day of their wedding, it was a beautiful evening just before sunset on Clearwater Beach. One side of the beach overlooked the bridge going to Sand Key and the other side was Clearwater Beach. The air was soft and humidity had gone down.

Bridge to Sand Key

Bridge to Sand Key. Perfect night for a Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding

Julia had a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. They looked so real that I asked her if she got them from a local florist. She said no that she just stuffed them in her suitcase and took them with her from Indiana. Hah!

Julia's colorful flower bouquet that she brought down from Indiana

Julia’s colorful flower bouquet that she brought down from Indiana

Like all beach weddings the beach goers and hotel guest always watch when a wedding is going on and add to the applause at the end of the ceremony. When I pronounced Julia & Gary husband & wife everyone on the beach applauded. A few boats were tied up along shore with people on board and they all participated in cheering, and even, added music to the closing ceremony. One of them started to loudly play “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars so we could all hear it. It was a simple fun wedding just like Julia & Gary wanted. They were staying in Florida a few more days of vacation before heading back to Indiana.

Clearwater Beach Wedding in the Morning

Clearwater Beach Wedding in the Morning


I always say that summer weddings in Florida are the best in the morning. The beaches are so still peaceful and by far less populated. Usually thunderstorms are in the afternoon so weather isn’t typically an issue. On July 15th,  it was a little different story for Samantha & Cory Clearwater Beach wedding in the morning. Dark clouds were all around and there were off and on squalls of rain showers. Fortunately, by the time of the ceremony the skies cleared up leaving the Clearwater Beach so tranquil with bright blue sky and puffy white clouds

Samantha and Cory were vacationing in Florida from West Virginia with their two children and Cory’s parents. Samantha wanted a short and sweet simple wedding on the beach. They wanted to have their wedding with their children and have the rest of the day to enjoy the beach. The ceremony was on the beach outside of the Hilton Inn where they were staying. The beach was quiet, the sand was white and soft, and the beach was just beautiful for a Clearwater Beach wedding in the morning. Samantha & Cory had the wedding that they wanted and then were going to enjoy the rest of the week in Florida.

Samantha, Corey, their son, and me after their short and sweet Clearwater Beach Wedding in the morning

Samantha, Corey, their son, and me were  all smiles 🙂 after their short and sweet Clearwater Beach Wedding in the morning