Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas


A vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for a couple to reflect on their marriage journey and to recommit their love for each other. A vow renewal ceremony can also be the opportunity to have the wedding you always dreamed of, but never had. Vow renewal ceremonies can also include children.

We can include a sand ceremony for the children to be a part of the ceremony. Each child participating along with parents would have a different color sand to blend into an empty center container. This symbolizes that the individual containers of sand can no longer be separated and so will your marriage and family never be separated. The blended container of sand is then given back to you for a keepsake souvenir.

On many occasions we perform surprise vow renewals. No legal documents are required for a vow renewal, so it is a great opportunity for a surprise ceremony. If you don’t have a gift for your anniversary a vow renewal ceremony is a treasured gift that will always be remembered. We have suggestions and ideas on how we can surprise your spouse. We have packages that include photographer or without photographer. We would always take photos with our “We Still Do and Always Will” sign and provide a souvenir certificate recognizing your ceremony.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be performed anywhere.  It can be at your home, park, beach or any place that you would like. This can be planned in advance or last minute!! We do a lot of Clearwater Beach vow renewal ceremonies and St. George Island vow renewal ceremonies. Vow renewal ceremonies on the beach while you are on vacation are a fun way to celebrate your love while enjoying your vacation.

50 year Golden Wedding anniversary. Held at their home on Clearwater Beach

Lovely family 20 year vow renewal ceremony on Clearwater beach enjoyed by the couple and their 6 children.