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Oldsmar Wedding Ceremonies We Recently Officiated

Tom and Tricia invited their family and friends to a shelter at Mobley Park in Oldsmar Sunday morning. They were going to enjoy the park, have some food, and spend the day together……and surprise everyone by getting married!

Mobley Park is a quaint little park at the end of Shore Drive in Oldsmar. It has a few shelters and overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. This was a new little hidden gem for me. I had never been to this park.

I arrived and mingled with the guests until Tom and Tricia let me know everyone was there. I stood up and asked for everyone’s attention. I introduced myself and said, “Tom and Tricia invited all you hear as friends and family, however, I was asked here today to perform a wedding ceremony for them.” The guest were all so surprised and happy. The reactions from most everyone was, “it’s about time!!’ Tom and Tricia have been together for over 6 years. Tom has had four back surgeries and is going in hospital this week for a 5th surgery. He wanted to be sure they were married before he had another surgery.  Tom and Tricia were so pleased and thankful for making everything go so smoothly.

Me with

Me with Tom and Tricia at their surprise wedding in Oldsmar.

On Saturday another beautiful wedding was held at the Veterans Memorial Park in Oldsmar under the gazebo. George Jr performed the wedding for Jeff and Elizabeth. The weather held out once again for the ceremony after a day of off and on rain. Jeff & Elizabeth were having a reception at the Marriott Courtyard in Oldsmar following the ceremony.

George Jr officiating

George Jr pronounced Jeff and Elizabeth husband and wife at their wedding in Oldsmar Florida

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Oldsmar wedding ceremonies we recently officiated. Oldsmar has some beautiful parks that overlook the water. Ideal spots for small medium and large weddings. Many have shelters and ample parking for guest.