Holiday Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies throughout Clearwater Florida


With family and friends gathering for Thanksgiving Holiday it was also a great time for a Clearwater wedding.

We had a very rainy day last Tuesday. Kirk and Christine were planning on having a sunset Clearwater wedding ceremony on the beach. We held out with the plans until late morning. Kirk called me and said we better go with plan B. Kirk asked me for suggestions. I gave him a few ideas, but he actually came up with a beautiful protected spot. The ceremony was at Lake Seminole Park in Seminole. They had found a shelter that overlooked the lake. It was a very pretty spot. The rain didn’t stop them from having a beautiful wedding overlooking the water. Wasn’t the Clearwater wedding they had planned, but it was very pretty location.


Kirk and Christine at their wedding ceremony in Lake Seminole Park. Making the best of a raining day!

While visiting parents for Thanksgiving on Reddington Shores Beach. Jacki and Jerry wanted a simple ceremony on the beach. The rain stopped, but it was rather cold and windy afternoon. The condo where they were staying had a balcony overlooking the beach. The ceremony was held on the balcony. George Sr was doing photos. After the ceremony he took pictures in the condo and on balcony overlooking the ocean.  Jacki wanted to have photos on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day so Jacki and Jerry went out on the beach for photos.

Photos by George Sr.

Jacki and Jerry at their wedding on Reddington Beach. Officiated by Charmaine and Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Jacki and Jerry using our new fun wedding signs! Photos by George Sr.

A Beautiful Wedding In Florida Palm Harbor, Dunedin & Tallahassee family took a mini vacation over Thanksgiving. We all went on a cruise together as a family. We had an awesome time. While we were away weddings were still performed. An associate Ellida Zahumensky performed holiday weekend weddings. On Saturday Jennifer and Juan were married on Pass-A-Grille Beach. Jennifer had contacted me over a year ago to officiate her wedding. She was going to be married earlier in the year, but her plans had to be changed due to a family emergency involving her brother being ill. We had corresponded and I rebooked the day for her this past Saturday. I prepared the ceremony, and instructed Ellida on what Jennifer and Juan wanted for their ceremony. Ellida performed a beautiful sand ceremony. Jennifer and Juan were very happy.

Jennifer and juan

Jennifer and Juan with Ellida at their Pass-A-Grille Beach wedding ceremony.

Also on Saturday Ellida performed a home ceremony for Charito and Dave. They were having family and friends for Thanksgiving Holiday and decided to have a wedding in their backyard. I corresponded with Charito in preparing ceremony and Ellida performed a lovely ceremony at their home in Land O’Lakes.


Charito and Dave with Ellida at their backyard wedding in Land O’ Lakes.

With Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and winter vacationers we are keeping busy with Clearwater wedding ceremonies. We are available for last minute weddings. Happy Holidays!

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!


Geralyn (Brittany’s Mother) had been corresponding with me for over a year in planning her daughter Brittany & now son-in law Kyle’s Clearwater Beach wedding.  Geralyn hired us to handle the ceremony setup including bamboo poles with decorations, sand ceremony and setup, photographer, and officiant.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

The wedding was this past Saturday. They rented a beach house on Clearwater Beach. Geralyn corresponded with me about the wedding setup, photos, where to get flowers, hair done, where to go to dinner etc…She was paying great attention to details and I could tell by her messages just how excited and how much this meant to her.  In some of her messages, I could pick up tearful sentiment as she was corresponding about her daughter’s wedding. I let her know that I had a daughter recently get married and sent her my picture of me balling my eyes out at my daughter’s wedding. She laughed, and we continued with Mother-to-Mother correspondence in planning her daughter’s wedding. We enjoyed corresponding and planning her daughter’s wedding. On the day of the wedding it was so nice to finally meet her!

Brittany and Kyle were married this past Saturday at sunset on Clearwater Beach. It was a rather chilly evening. Brittany and Kyle and family are from Illinois so the cold didn’t bother them. They were jumping for joy!!

jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Brittany and Kyle jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

A multi-colored four post bamboo poles was setup. They performed sand ceremony blending sand into a photo frame.


Brittany and Kyle’s wedding ceremony setup. A Beautiful Wedding In Florida provide bamboo setup with decorations, photographer, sand ceremony, and officiant. Photos by George Sr.

George Sr did the photographs and video. It was a beautiful sunset. He had them strolling on the beach and got a lot of shots of them having fun together.

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding,

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Family and friends were going to The Beachcomber for reception dinner. Brittany and Kyle were staying in Clearwater Beach until Monday when they were going to begin their honeymoon bye taking a cruise before returning to Illinois.

Geralyn thanked me so much for everything. She couldn’t believe that it came and went so fast. She looked forward to a relaxing Sunday on Clearwater beach. She sent me an email saying “I want to thank you and George again for all that you did.  It’s kind of sad that our brief relationship is over.  I enjoyed our correspondence.  You must get great satisfaction on the positive way you touch the lives of so many people.  I wish you and your family the best.” It’s always nice to know that our hard work is appreciated and enjoyed.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle! We had a wonderful time being a part of your beautiful Clearwater beach wedding! Photos by George Sr.