Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony

Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony


Bernice contacted me about officiating her wedding ceremony while she and her partner were in Florida. She and her partner were traveling from Ohio and wanted a nice Florida beach wedding. Her partner Brook had never been to the beach before!! Bernice sent me photos of what she wanted the beach to look like and was asking for suggestions on where to have their wedding ceremony. They envisioned their Florida wedding ceremony on a wide open beach somewhat secluded with white sand. I knew I could help them! We went back and forth with photos and questions before they decided that a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony was exactly what they wanted.

Bernice and Brook booked our Clearwater Beach Special #2 package and added our A La Carte mound style heart in sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas for floral arrangements around the tiki torches. She wanted a few chairs with navy sashes and a rose petal aisle runner. They knew just what she wanted for their wedding ceremony. Bernice told me she was even having a monkey as a ring bearer because that was something Brook had always wanted.

Last Thursday morning Bernice and Brook had their dream Florida beach wedding. It had rained the night before the wedding leaving the beach sand somewhat damp, a little windy, and completely empty! It was best time to have a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony because nobody was on the beach (note- if you know Clearwater Beach it’s very hard to get the beach to yourself ). The beach was quiet and wide open.

Clearwater special #2 with A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangea's.

Clearwater Beach Special #2 with added A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand, tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas.

Our associate officiant, Ellida, performed the ceremony and I setup the ceremony details (chairs, heart, torches, flowers) and got them down the aisle on time. During the wedding ceremony when it came time for the rings Don Juan, a little monkey, brought them up to them. Don Juan was the cutest little ring bearer. He hopped on Brook’s shoulder and gave the rings to them. It was super cool!!!

Bernice and Brook with ring bearer Don Juan

Bernice and Brook with monkey ring bearer Don Juan

Brook and Bernice were leaving that afternoon for a cruise to Cozumel before heading back to Ohio. Bernice text me and said, “Thank you so much for everything. Wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”

Bernice, Ellida and Brook

Ellida with the newly married Bernice and Brook 


Holiday Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies throughout Clearwater Florida


With family and friends gathering for Thanksgiving Holiday it was also a great time for a Clearwater wedding.

We had a very rainy day last Tuesday. Kirk and Christine were planning on having a sunset Clearwater wedding ceremony on the beach. We held out with the plans until late morning. Kirk called me and said we better go with plan B. Kirk asked me for suggestions. I gave him a few ideas, but he actually came up with a beautiful protected spot. The ceremony was at Lake Seminole Park in Seminole. They had found a shelter that overlooked the lake. It was a very pretty spot. The rain didn’t stop them from having a beautiful wedding overlooking the water. Wasn’t the Clearwater wedding they had planned, but it was very pretty location.


Kirk and Christine at their wedding ceremony in Lake Seminole Park. Making the best of a raining day!

While visiting parents for Thanksgiving on Reddington Shores Beach. Jacki and Jerry wanted a simple ceremony on the beach. The rain stopped, but it was rather cold and windy afternoon. The condo where they were staying had a balcony overlooking the beach. The ceremony was held on the balcony. George Sr was doing photos. After the ceremony he took pictures in the condo and on balcony overlooking the ocean.  Jacki wanted to have photos on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day so Jacki and Jerry went out on the beach for photos.

Photos by George Sr.

Jacki and Jerry at their wedding on Reddington Beach. Officiated by Charmaine and Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Jacki and Jerry using our new fun wedding signs! Photos by George Sr.

A Beautiful Wedding In Florida Palm Harbor, Dunedin & Tallahassee family took a mini vacation over Thanksgiving. We all went on a cruise together as a family. We had an awesome time. While we were away weddings were still performed. An associate Ellida Zahumensky performed holiday weekend weddings. On Saturday Jennifer and Juan were married on Pass-A-Grille Beach. Jennifer had contacted me over a year ago to officiate her wedding. She was going to be married earlier in the year, but her plans had to be changed due to a family emergency involving her brother being ill. We had corresponded and I rebooked the day for her this past Saturday. I prepared the ceremony, and instructed Ellida on what Jennifer and Juan wanted for their ceremony. Ellida performed a beautiful sand ceremony. Jennifer and Juan were very happy.

Jennifer and juan

Jennifer and Juan with Ellida at their Pass-A-Grille Beach wedding ceremony.

Also on Saturday Ellida performed a home ceremony for Charito and Dave. They were having family and friends for Thanksgiving Holiday and decided to have a wedding in their backyard. I corresponded with Charito in preparing ceremony and Ellida performed a lovely ceremony at their home in Land O’Lakes.


Charito and Dave with Ellida at their backyard wedding in Land O’ Lakes.

With Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and winter vacationers we are keeping busy with Clearwater wedding ceremonies. We are available for last minute weddings. Happy Holidays!

Indian Rocks Beach Wedding Ceremony

Indian Rocks Beach Wedding Ceremony


Megan contacted me about performing her Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony. She and her fiancé, Michael, would be traveling to Tampa, Florida from Tennessee and wanted a Florida beach wedding. We ‘saved the date’ for Friday, August 15th at 6:00 PM.

When their wedding day arrived it was pouring rain, all day. I contacted Megan at 3:00 PM and asked her about an alternate plan. She said she didn’t have one and was hopefully it was going to stop raining by 5:00 PM. Sure enough at 5:15pm it stopped raining and actually turned out to be quite a nice evening on the beach.

Everyone was crossing their fingers that the ran would stop for Michael and Megan's Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony...and just 45 minutes before the ceremony start time the rain stopped!

Everyone was crossing their fingers that the ran would stop for Michael and Megan’s Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony…and just 45 minutes before the ceremony start time the rain stopped!

Megan met Michael four years ago on MySpace. Megan had a quote in her vows that she said fit her and Michael perfectly, “True love has a habit of coming back”. Megan said she and Michael had some down periods in their earlier days of their relationship and weren’t together for seven months. They had even dated other people. She & Michael came back to each other and even Michael when we spoke on Friday told me they just knew they couldn’t be without each other. They have a beautiful 20 month old son, who so cutely toddled down to the ceremony.

Congratulations, Michael and Megan. I had a wonderful time being a part of your Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony.

Congratulations, Michael and Megan. I had a wonderful time being a part of your Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony.

A simple wedding setup was done on the beach. Quilted blankets were laid out for guest to sit on and two post of bamboo like greenery were setup on each side where they would be standing.


Megan and Michael’s Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony setup

They had a tray table for the sand ceremony and little candle lanterns alongside the blankets and it all looked simple and very nice.

sand ceremony

Sand ceremony

Megan and Michael were both tearful as they said their vows to each other. Everyone was so happy that the skies had cleared up and they could have their beautiful Indian Rocks Beach wedding ceremony.


Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Changing Your Last Name After Marriage


As a Tampa and Tallahassee wedding officiant service, we marry many wonderful couples. We are asked about how the bride changes her last name. I recently changed my last name (was Amanda Doumanian now Amanda Reeves) so I totally understand that it’s a confusing processes, as well as, a pain for the woman! Haha! So we are glad to help with all your marriage license and name change questions please do not hesitate to ask us!

This is an email I recently received from a groom, “We were a little curious how bride will sign her name on the marriage license. She intends to change her last name to mine, so should she sign the marriage license with my last name or her last name now.”

So to clear this up (because we are asked this often), the bride will change her last name AFTER the marriage. Just because you get married does not mean the woman’s last name automatically changes. Today, a lot of woman do not change their last names. When I changed my last name, I made my middle name my maiden name and last name my husband’s last name. There are all sorts of options and in our modern time the woman is free to chose to do what they want.

The bride doesn't have to change her name

The bride can change her last name after the marriage.

If the bride is changing her last name there are a few steps to take and they are all be done AFTER the marriage is legal.  In Florida, your marriage is legal after your Florida Marriage License is notarized by a Florida notary and returned back to the County Clerk’s office where you got the marriage license. After the County Clerk records your notarized marriage license you will receive a certified copy which you will use to get your name changed. Note– if your marriage license is returned via regular mail it’ll take 7-10 days to get the certified copy back OR if you bring it directly to the County Clerk’s Office you will get the certified copy back right then and there.

If you are going on a honeymoon right after the wedding you will use your current ID or Passport then when you return you can take the steps in getting your last name.

Here are the steps (do them in this order) to get your name changed after you are legally married:

1.  Marriage license – get your certified copy of your marriage license. One will be given back to you and if you need/want more you can pay to have extra copies

2. Social security card– you must change your name on your social security card before changing it on anything else. You cannot change your name on your social security card online. You must go to your local social security office to change your name- find yours here. There is no charge to change your name on your social security card. You will need to fill out an application for social security card and bring the required documents. Click here for more details on changing your name on your social security card.

3. Drivers license- contact your local DMV to find out what forms are required to change your name on your drivers license. There will be a fee to do this.

4. Passport- if you have a passport you should go ahead and update it with your new name. Click here for details on how to change your name on your passport.

5. Everything else– bank accounts, credit cards, doctors, insurance, voter registration card, etc.

6. Your signature 🙂 Now that you’re name is legally changed it’s time to practice your new signature!

Getting married is exciting and so is changing your last name so have fun with the process. I recommend making a list and going down the list as you get each one done changed. It’ll make it less overwhelming. You only have to change your last name one time so just do it and have fun with it. And of course, we are here to assist with any more questions your may have!! For more information on changing your license, sunset and sunrise times, and marriage license/County Clerks Office visit our Resources page.




Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding

Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding


Julia & Gary traveled from Indiana to Florida where they had their destination Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach wedding last Saturday night. To get down to Florida it was the first time that Gary had ever flown. They wanted a small simple wedding on the beach. A few family members and friends had traveled with them to Florida for vacation and to attended the wedding. On the day of their wedding, it was a beautiful evening just before sunset on Clearwater Beach. One side of the beach overlooked the bridge going to Sand Key and the other side was Clearwater Beach. The air was soft and humidity had gone down.

Bridge to Sand Key

Bridge to Sand Key. Perfect night for a Wyndham Gardens on Clearwater Beach Wedding

Julia had a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. They looked so real that I asked her if she got them from a local florist. She said no that she just stuffed them in her suitcase and took them with her from Indiana. Hah!

Julia's colorful flower bouquet that she brought down from Indiana

Julia’s colorful flower bouquet that she brought down from Indiana

Like all beach weddings the beach goers and hotel guest always watch when a wedding is going on and add to the applause at the end of the ceremony. When I pronounced Julia & Gary husband & wife everyone on the beach applauded. A few boats were tied up along shore with people on board and they all participated in cheering, and even, added music to the closing ceremony. One of them started to loudly play “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars so we could all hear it. It was a simple fun wedding just like Julia & Gary wanted. They were staying in Florida a few more days of vacation before heading back to Indiana.

Wedding at Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor

Wedding at Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor


Saturday, June 28th , Meghan & Joseph were married at Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor. It was a beautiful afternoon for a Phillippe Park Safety Harbor wedding. Megan & Chris met three years ago where they worked together. Megan had contacted me and had a number of questions. She didn’t want anything religious or as she said “too cheesy,” and I was glad to help her make that happen. She was a delightful bride to correspond with and help with her wedding plans. After answering all of her questions, I was able to create a Phillippe Park Safety Harbor wedding ceremony package that was perfect for her wedding and budget. The package included a pipe and drape fabric post, white ceremony chairs, isle runner, Photos by George Sr., and ceremony officiant.

The ceremony was under the beautiful draping oak tree overlooking the water at shelter 1 in Phillippe Park. As part of her ceremony package, pipe & drape fabric post and white chairs were set up by my friends at Gabro Event Services.

Pipe and drap

Pipe and drape setup by Gabro Event Services. Isle runner provided by A Beautiful Wedding in Florida.

Megan had three bridesmaids. They wore knee length teal dresses and carried yellow daisy bouquets. Chris had three groomsmen who wore purple shirts had peach colored boutonnieres.


Beautiful ceremony overlooking Clearwater

It was a very tearful ceremony as Meghan & Joseph read their vows to each other. Meghan asked to read her vows first. She tearfully spoke of how happy that she was that her Mother got to meet Joey (that’s what she calls him) before she passed away last year. She expressed that although she was no longer present with them physically today that she was with them in spirit on this beautiful day. Megan said she see’s her & Joey together when they are old sitting on the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel playing checkers.

A very tearful yet happy ceremony

A very tearful yet happy ceremony

Joey spoke of his love for Megan remembering their first kiss when playing truth or dare & walking hand & hand on a date. They were both so emotional, I asked that they give each other a hug before continuing on with the ceremony.


Megan & Joey have fun together. He is her Superman. Joseph had a Superman t-shirt on under his dress shirt. Clark Kent (AKA Joey) opened his shirt and put his glasses on after the ceremony.


Photos by George Sr.

The groomsmen had Batman, Spider Man & Darth Vader shirts on under their shirts. Photos by George Sr captured these moments, as well as the photographs before after & during ceremony.

Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Megan & Joseph were having their reception at Bon Appetit in Dunedin. When they were leaving they thanked George Sr. and I for everything. She said everything was just wonderful and how much they appreciated all we did to help make their wedding beautiful.

Congratulations, Joey and Megan!

Congratulations, Joey and Megan!