Surprise Coquina Beach Wedding Ceremony

Surprise Coquina Beach Wedding Ceremony


Coquina Beach is a little hidden gem spot for a wedding. Coquina beach has the clearest water, and it is just beautiful. Their is path leading to the beach from the parking lot that brings you out to gorgeous beach with white sand. The nicest thing about it is no swimming is allowed because of the current. It makes it a beautiful spot for a beach wedding, and has amazing sunsets.

We were a part an amazing surprise Coquina Beach wedding ceremony on August 11th.

Lellani called me on Monday ,August 7th and asked if I would be available to officiate a surprise Coquina Beach wedding ceremony on Friday,  August 11 at sunset. Lellani,  her fiance Mario, and their two children were vacationing from Miami  and wanted to get married.  She booked our Tampa wedding package #4  .

Wedding day!

On Friday when George Sr and I arrived we found out then that it was going to be a surprise wedding for the children. Lellani told the children they would be going to the beach to have family photos taken. The children were the only guests. They were totally clueless that their parents were getting married. They were asking what the bottles were that I was setting up for the sand ceremony, and I just told them it was part of the background for the pictures. When we were all setup and ready to start the ceremony Lellani walked back away from the setup and we started to play the wedding song for Lellani to walk down the aisle. That’s when the oldest child said, “Gee it’s like your getting married or something.” Lellani and Mario replied, “We Are!” The children were so so excited!!! They said, “For real?!” They actually had tears of joy in their eyes. They had been asking their parents when they were going to get married and were never given an answer. The children seriously watched the ceremony and loved every minute of it.

It was a gorgeous sunset. Lellani, George Sr took photos of ceremony, and family photos. Lellani and Mario thanked us so much for such a wonderful ceremony, and all we did to help with their Surprise Coquina Beach wedding ceremony.

Lellani walking down the aisle.

Coquina Beach. Lellani and Mario sunset ceremony

Family enjoying the ceremony

Lellani, Mario and family so happy after the wedding.

Capturing the moment when children found out about the wedding


Coquina Beach Wedding Ceremony

Coquina Beach Wedding Ceremony


Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island is truly a hidden gem of a location for a beach wedding. On the southern most point of the beach there is an area where there are a few pavilions under the trees ideal for picnics or for a beach reception. Just behind the pavilions is a path that leads out to the most gorgeous isolated beach.  No swimming is allowed in this area of the beach making it ideal for a beach wedding ceremony. Coquina Beach has free parking, restrooms, and no permit is required.

Path leading out to the beach

Path leading out to the beach- just perfect for a wedding ceremony

This past Saturday, I officiated  and did there ceremony setup for Janie and Tom’s Coqunia Beach wedding ceremony.  They hired us to setup and decorate our bamboo arbor, white ceremony chairs, music and George Sr took photos. Tom and Janice had been planning the wedding for over a year and the day was finally here. It was a very hot late afternoon wedding. Janice was so nervous she could barely say her vows to Tom. Janice and Tom were having their reception in nearby Bradenton. Janice text me the following day saying , “Thank you for making my wedding so beautiful.”


Officiating Janie and Tom’s beautiful Coquina Beach wedding ceremony under our bamboo arbor.


Just married!

Just a few weeks ago, I officiated and did ceremony setup for Aaron and Ashley’s Coquina Beach wedding ceremony. Their wedding ceremony had our white arbor with white chairs and a fresh rose petal aisle runner. It was a nice peaceful beach wedding ceremony. After the ceremony they had a reception gathering under the pavilion to celebrate with friends and family.

White arbor with chairs and rose petal aisle runner

What a picture perfect wedding setup! Our white arbor decorated,  ceremony chairs, and fresh rose petal aisle runner.

If you are looking for a beautiful spot for your Florida beach wedding consider a Coquina Beach wedding ceremony with one of our ceremony packages you’ll have a very reasonable price for a beautiful wedding.