Tampa Halloween Weddings


I’ve officiated a number of weddings on Halloween.  A Halloween wedding can be fun and something most guest will always remember. I was asked to officiate a wedding where everyone was in costume, including me being dressed as Elvis Presley to perform the wedding. The wedding was at their home. The bride wore an elegant black dress and groom wore an old fashion type of military uniform white knickers with a blue jacket and gold trimming. They had some gothic wording in the vow their piece and had their children in costumes participating in the ceremony.  They had spider cupcakes, spooky music, and punch made with dry ice looking like a witches brew. Spooky music was played throughout the house and everything was decorated for a fun Halloween party wedding.


If you prefer not to be spooky for your Halloween wedding how about something more elegant. A costume ball or a masquerade ball. You can arrive at your wedding in a hearse instead of a traditional limo.


You can make some real cool invitations.  Have your wedding rings in a Death Do Us Part Box.


So many fun things and ideas can be centered around Halloween weddings. Pumpkins for center pieces, black flowers, eyeball ice cubes, skeleton cookies or how about  a bloody cake being cut with an ax….just to name a few.

Bloody Halloween wedding cake

Bloody Halloween wedding cake

Halloween weddings allow you to wear anything you want!

Halloween weddings allow you to wear anything you want!

This year Halloween falls on a Friday making it convenient for Friday night Tampa Halloween weddings.

Contact A Beautiful Wedding Palm Harbor/Dunedin/ Tallahassee we’d love to help you with ideas and officiating services for your Halloween wedding. It’s less than a month away, but still time to plan a great fun wedding to remember….Remember..this will be until death do us part!!!

St. Pete Beach Wedding

St. Pete Beach Wedding


It was a gorgeous day on Sunday morning for Marissa & Mike’s St. Pete Beach wedding. After a wash out day on Friday & rain off-and-on Saturday, we were all so happy to see a beautiful sunny day on Sunday.  The wedding was at Grand Plaza Resort in St Pete Beach.


The Grand Plaza is a great place for St. Pete Beach wedding ceremony and reception.

The ceremony was on the white sandy beach between two palm trees. They had white folding chairs for guests and had a beautifully decorated white arch with mango colored flowers. Marissa colors were mango and white. Bridesmaids wore knee length mango dresses carried bouquets with white and mango colored flowers. Marissa even had her nail tips painted in mango color. The men were casually dressed for a beach wedding. Mike had white slacks and a black Florida print shirt and the groomsmen were wearing white slacks with mango and black print shirts. The ring bearers also had matching Florida print shirts and beige slacks.

Marissa and I had been corresponding for months in preparing her perfect St. Pete Beach wedding ceremony. After so many months of online correspondence it was so nice to finally meet her. She wanted a sand ceremony and to have their two children participate in blending of the sands. They each had a different color and bottles were placed on white table under the arch.

20140921_104039 (1)


Her father would be giving her away. Marissa was very thorough and paid attention to all the details in her ceremony; and I could see she was with all her wedding preparations.


They were having a reception in the Presidential Ball Room at the Grand Plaza. The Ball Room is way up 20th floor overlooking the ocean. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous view especially for a day time wedding.

Marissa sent me a message on Monday saying, “Thank you sooo much for your kind help. You were fantastic and a true professional.”


Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding

Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding


Christopher contacted me about officiating his Ana Maria Island destination wedding. The wedding was going to be at the Sand Bar restaurant in Ana Maria Island. Christopher and Megan would be travelling from New York for the wedding.

Christopher corresponded with me in preparing the ceremony and I helped him with a number of  questions and concerns. A week before the ceremony he e-mailed me asking if I thought he should switch the time from 4 pm to closer to sunset. He was concerned that it would be too hot at 4 pm. Not being from Florida that hadn’t been a concern of his when he started planning the wedding. I let him know that their ceremony wasn’t that long and suggested that they have some paper fans and perhaps a bucket with cold bottled water for guest if he was concerned about the heat. He decided to keep the time at 4 pm and fortunately he did, because we had heavy thunderstorms shortly after the wedding ceremony. Ellida, my associate, preformed their Ana Maria Island destination wedding ceremony and note that they actually had a nice breeze under the trees where the wedding was.

The wedding party arrived in a limo provided by Longboat Limousine.  The best man, Paul, escorted the mothers and then walked down with the Maid of Honor, Jennifer.  The ring bearer was their 10 year old son, Jackson. Megan was a beautiful bride. She carried a gorgeous bouquet of white and pink flowers and looked stunning.  Guitar music played before, during, and after the ceremony. Christopher and Meghan were very emotional during the ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding.

Christopher e-mailed me on Monday saying:  “Thank you, Charmaine. Ellida was great. Thanks for all the help and advice, it was a relief to come to trust someone as a source of good information, and I’m glad we found you.”

Ellida with

Ellida with Christoper, Megan, and Jackson at the Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding.