Florida Marriage License Information


A valid Florida marriage license is required to be legally married in Florida. The marriage license can be issued at any County Clerk’s office in Florida; it doesn’t have to be the county where you are getting married. A Florida marriage license can be issued as early as 60 days before the wedding. For Florida residents there is a three-day waiting period after getting the license before you can be married. If a premarital on-line counseling course is completed, you can get married on the same day you get your license. Out-of-state residents can be married the same day that they get the Florida marriage license. When applying for your marriage license both parties must be present.

We do offer a convenient Florida mail away license service where you can “Show up and Get Married.” No going to the Courthouse!!! This is extremely popular for families and couples that travel to Clearwater or St George Island Florida to get marriage and don’t want to spend their time going to a courthouse.

Witnesses are not required. There is an optional spot for 2 witnesses to sign the marriage license but this is not required. If you truly want to elope with just you and your fiancé- you can 🙂

The Florida marriage license must be presented on the day of the wedding for notary or minister to complete. Whoever performs your ceremony would send the license back to the county where the license was issued. The county will then record your marriage and send you a certified copy of your marriage license. The certified copy of the marriage license is what you would need to change your name.

Cypress Point Park Wedding Ceremony

Cypress Point Park Wedding Ceremony


When looking for a pretty place to have a small beach wedding Cypress Point Park in Tampa would provide a great place to consider.

Why do we recommend a Cypress Point Park Wedding Ceremony?

Cypress Point Park is an oceanfront park conveniently located near Tampa International Airport and downtown Tampa. The park overlooks Tampa Bay, has picnic pavilions, park amenities, and has very pretty beach areas for a wedding ceremony. The beach is very clean, has palm trees, parking, and a pretty walking trail; quite often you will see some beautiful birds.

Heather and Allen’s Cypress Park Wedding Ceremony

We found an isolated spot for Heather and Allen’s early morning ceremony on October 14th. Not only was the location isolated it was also a very picturesque spot with Tampa Bay in the background,  some trees, and a few pretty puffy white clouds.

Heather and Allen chose our Wedding Package #2 with the fresh rose petal heart in sand, and George Sr took photos. They had a few family members at the ceremony. It was a beautiful morning.

Heather and Allen were very pleased that we could accommodate them for an early morning ceremony and thanked us repeatedly for their beautiful wedding.


Tampa “Mission I Do” Free Military Dream Wedding Giveaway

Tampa “Mission I Do” Free Military Dream Wedding Giveaway


On Sunday April 5th, I had the honor and pleasure of officiating the wedding ceremony of Timothy and Anh as part of Old McMickey’s Farm “Mission I Do” Free Military Dream Wedding Giveaway. The ceremony was in honor of and to raise awareness for the services and sacrifices of all our military, past and present. The wedding was a contest giveaway. A team of vendors donated their time and products to make the wedding special to this deserving couple. Couples submitted their stories and were selected by on-line voting.

Timothy served two tours of duty in the 26 Gulf Company, 2nd Battalion 6th Marines. Tim stepped on an IED and lost his left leg and incurred severe damage to his other leg as well. He has a prosthetic leg and canine dog.  Tim also sustained a traumatic brain injury.   His best man lost his right leg, one of the groomsmen lost both legs, and yet another groomsmen was shot in the neck. Timothy met his now wife, Anh, while seeking treatment at the VA hospital.

It was a picture perfect day for a wedding. The Marines all wore their dress blue uniforms. The bridesmaids wore blue dresses with red shoes. The wedding was a such a patriotic event. The barn for the reception was decorated with red, white and blue. At the end of the ceremony full sword arch ceremony by other Marine’s was led by Timothy’s retired canine who also acted as the ring bearer.

Sword Arch

Timothy had everyone in tears as he read the most beautiful vows to Anh. “When fate put four walls around us, four representing the four chambers of the heart that I give to you, four representing the four seasons I will spend with you, and four representing the four directions I will travel with you. Our souls become one, when you breathe out I breathe in.” He continued with some humor and after each piece of his vows he would say “when you breath out I breath in.” Anh was in tears and couldn’t say anything a big hug was all he needed. Timothy broke the emotion with a prank when I asked for the rings having is best man hand me an empty box!


Officiating Timothy and Anh’s dream wedding ceremony.

The ceremony was videographed and made available via live stream.

Anh and Timothy were so pleased. They thanked me so much. Ralph Zuckerman from Old McMicky’s Farm also thanked myself and all of the vendors for their support and contributions. I was so touched and thankful myself to have had the opportunity to give back to this deserving couple.


With the happy newlyweds

Holiday Tampa Wedding Ceremonies

Holiday Tampa Wedding Ceremonies


We officiated a number Holiday Tampa Wedding Ceremonies. We had vacationers coming to Florida wanting to share their special day with family and friends, couples who had time off from work, and even couples who wanted to be married by end of year for tax purposes. All in all, they all wanted to be married because they were truly in love!!

Jackie & Simen were married on December 26 at Hyatt Regency on Clearwater Beach. They were in Florida visiting with family and wanted a pretty wedding on the beach. They met each other in New York. Simen is from Norway and has the cutest accent. They kept the wedding simple with a four post decorated bamboo with white draped fabric and roses in the corners draping down the sides. A very cheerful couple. They had a champagne toast on the beach and photographs after the ceremony.

Me with

Me with Jackie and Simen

Jessica & Joseph were visiting Florida from Michigan and were married on December 27 on Honeymoon Island. It was a gorgeous day. To my surprise Jessica & Joseph found a beautiful spot for the ceremony. The beach was really crowded. They found a pretty spot by the Nature’s Center for the ceremony. It’s not a sandy beach area, but has some trees, a wooden swing, and a beautiful view of the ocean.

Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

Me with Jessica and Joseph at their Honeymoon Island wedding ceremony

John & Maria were married on New Year’s Day at the Postcard Inn in St Petersburg. John is currently serving in the US Coast Guard. Maria looked so pretty in her knee length white dress carrying red roses and wearing red heel shoes.  She is probably the first bride I’ve ever seen gracefully walk down the beach in sand wearing high heels. John looked so handsome in his military uniform. Maria is from Russia.  They met through a friend about a year ago. She had family members visiting Florida so they were able to be at the wedding.


John and Maria’s family together at their wedding

All the weddings were very simple, fun, and done just the way the couples wanted them to be. These are just a few of many fun weddings that were performed over the holidays. All couples were very thankful and pleased with their weddings.

Holiday Photo Special

Holiday Photo Special


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Pictures make great gifts and we offer prints, canvases, books, collages, and MORE. Please be sure to check out the set and take advantage of this discount.

Happy Holiday from your Tampa Wedding Officiant A Beautiful Wedding in Florida

Holiday Weddings in Tampa Florida

Holiday Weddings in Tampa Florida


It’s that time of year!! Families and friends will be gathering for Thanksgiving this week and over the upcoming weeks for the holidays. Since families and friends are going to be together it can also be a great time for holiday  weddings in Tampa Florida. I was recently contacted by a couple from Ohio that will be visiting their parents in Florida this week and wanted to know if I could perform a wedding for them on Reddington Shores Beach. They also asked if George Sr. could take photographs. I let them know we are available for their Reddington Shores Beach wedding and would love to work with them. They want a simple ceremony on the beach.

We have other weddings booked over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend for similar reasons. One couple has family visiting with them over the holiday weekend and the other couple will be vacationing in Florida for the holidays.  Whatever the reason may be it is can be a great time for holiday weddings in Tampa Florida. And, it’s actually pretty easy to get married in Florida. If you’re from out of state you can be married on the same day that you get your marriage license. Florida residents have to wait three days. We can meet you at your home, park, at the beach, or wherever your gathering may be and perform a wedding ceremony for you.

This weekend family and friends were together for Maribel and Jose’s wedding in Seminole, Florida. The wedding was at Maribel’s parents home in Seminole. The ceremony was in backyard by the pool. An arch was set up with chairs for guest and I officiated a sweet simple ceremony. They were looking forward to a fun time celebrating at their home with all the guest.  Maribel and Jose have been together for over five years and it was time to be married. They have a lot of fun together and thought this was an opportune time for a wedding. Although this wasn’t actually on the holiday guest were arriving for the holiday week.



Like Maribel and Jose, having a wedding with select family and friends over the holidays can be a lot fun. Not only are your friends and family gathers but a lot of venues are decorated for the holidays so you don’t have to go as crazy with the wedding décor! If you are considering a wedding over holiday season get in touch with us because we are available for last minute ceremonies or can help you plan and organized your special day!