Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach Weddings

Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach Weddings


Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach Weddings where you can get married with your toes in the sand!

Clearwater Beach is such a great place for a wedding ceremony, vow renewal or elopement. Not only is Clearwater Beach a gorgeous beach there are a number of extravagant resorts, hotels, restaurants, and things to do.

Because we love Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach weddings, we created a number of wedding special packages for Clearwater Beach ceremonies. When asked where we would suggest on Clearwater Beach to have a wedding ceremony our first recommendation is Sand Key Park. Sand Key Park is a beautiful beach park that over looks Clearwater Beach. The park is on a beautiful beach and has a lovely ambiance for a beach wedding. Their is also sufficient parking for guests. Quite often we can find a spot that isn’t too populated with beach goers to have the wedding ceremony. Depending on the size of wedding and what setups are being used a permit may be required.

There’s also a location off Mandalay Ave on Clearwater Beach that we would suggest as well.  Not as much parking is available, but has a beautiful open beach.

We have performed sunrise, sunset, vow renewal, elopements and many different types of setups ofor Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach weddings. Large or small we can provide it all. Contact Us to plan Sand Key Park Clearwater Beach Wedding.

Sand Key Park sunset vow renewal with white arbor rose petal aisle runner. Shelly and Jason celebrating 13 year wedding anniversary.



Where should I have my Tampa wedding?

Where should I have my Tampa wedding?


Where should I have my Tampa wedding? We can help! We often get asked for suggestions on where in Tampa to have a wedding. Recently, I got a call from a bride to-be who was in North Dakota and planning a Tampa Florida beach wedding. She had just been surfing the internet about locations and had contacted a resort in Marco Island. The resort told her to contact us, A Beautiful Wedding in Florida, for help answering her question on where to have her Tampa wedding ceremony.

Barb contacted me and asked, where should I have my Tampa wedding? I guided her with suggestions and ideas for her wedding, places to stay ,and restaurant ideas for after the wedding.  Barb’s wedding would consist of no more than 10 guests and she wanted it on the beach. She said she knew nothing about the Tampa area. As Barb and I spoke, we discussed options and ideas for her wedding. Barb decided she would have her wedding at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. Barb looked at our website,  reviewed our packages, and a la carte items. Barb was so pleased and excited that we put together plans for just the wedding she had been envisioning. She decided on: Officiant,  flowers, photographer, cake, and tiki torches. I helped her put it all together and she couldn’t have been more pleased.

Wedding cake with topper

Wedding cake with topper

Barb emailed me two days later letting me know she got her flights and more of her family were interested in coming. She thanked me again and let me know how excited she was.

I thanked her for contacted me and allowing us to be a part of her special day. As Clearwater wedding officiant service this is what we do. We are always glad to give suggestions on locations for the wedding, fun things to do while you’re in the Tampa area, and we can always help with wedding ideas. Your Tampa wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be at the beach. If you’re not sure where in the Tampa area to have your wedding contact us, we’d be happy to recommend a number of park locations, gazebo’s, homes, and gardens.

Beach Wedding Ceremony with Circular Chair Setup

Beach Wedding Ceremony with Circular Chair Setup


Pinterest has given couples an opportunity to get so many great and creative ideas for wedding planning. I was contacted by Crystal and asked if I could do a beach wedding ceremony with circular chair setup with a rose petal heart in the sand in the center of the circle. She had found the idea on Pinterest. Their wedding was at Siesta Key Beach. Crystal sent me picture of what she wanted and we spoke about the layout. I setup forty white chairs and made a lavender rose petal heart in the sand.


Lavender rose petal heart inside the beach wedding ceremony with circular chair setup. So pretty!

We lined the walkway entrance with white lanterns and draped with lavender rose petals at the opening of each lantern door. The wedding party sat in the chairs directly behind officiant George Doumanian Sr. The circular ceremony allowed all of the guest to have a front row seat at the wedding. It had a real nice open look to the ceremony. Crystal and Jason were very pleased, and thanked us for a great job.

Circular Ceremony Setup

Beach wedding ceremony with circular chair setup on Siesta Key Beach

I was also asked to perform a ceremony for Suncoast Weddings at Pass-a-Grille Beach for Crystal and Detorio.  A beach wedding ceremony with circular chair setup  was designed with four post bamboo poles in the center of the circle and a more elaborate walkway with shepherd hooks holding floral pompoms and starfish along the aisle way.


Beautiful setup

The beach wedding ceremony with circular chair setup can be done with various options. Keeping it simple with or being creative with your own design. Have fun with your wedding ceremony setup!!

Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies

Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies


It’s been a busy weekend with Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies!Mary and Dale

Last Saturday, Mary and Dale had a sunrise ceremony on Clearwater Beach. Mary and Dale were visiting Florida from Arkansas and wanted to elope on the beach. When I first spoke with Mary she wasn’t sure about what time for the wedding. I told her, “sunrise is the nicest time for a beach ceremony.”  We agreed to have their wedding on Saturday morning at Clearwater beach. On Saturday morning the beach was so quiet and still. All we could hear were the sea gulls and rolling waves. We had a few “guest” dolphins present. They swam by as I performed the ceremony. It was truly a perfect setting for a Florida beach wedding.  Mary and Dale were so excited. They both thanked me so much for a beautiful wedding!

Later on Saturday afternoon, I officiated a wedding ceremony for Carly and Brody at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. The Botanical Gardens is a great and very beautiful place for a wedding. The ceremony was held in the wedding garden.

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Botanical Gardens

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo

They had setup chairs, a DJ, and Orange Blossom catering was doing the the outdoor reception after ceremony. They were able to keep the wedding simple, yet very tastefully setup. There were covered tents for the dinner and each table was setup with a vase of roses for centerpieces.  Carly looked so pretty! I had to get a picture of Carly by the walkway to the wedding garden where a beautiful archway of lavender flowers were overhead. Carly was a very organized bride. She asked me for a rehearsal guide and she put everything together for her ceremony. She and Brody are a real fun couple. It was so obvious that they truly love each other and have a lot of fun together.’

I ended the Saturday with a beautiful sunset wedding on Clearwater Beach. Samantha and Scott flew into Tampa from New Hampshire Saturday morning. They were leaving for a week long Norwegian cruise out of Tampa on Sunday with a number of family and friends. They wanted to be married on Saturday at sunset. Samantha had corresponded with me asking me if this could be done since they weren’t getting into Florida until the day of the wedding. I told her if we did our convenient Florida Marriage License by Mail service, I could obtain their Florida Marriage License without them ever coming to Florida and then we could marry them on Saturday!  She was delighted about this service!! I put a Clearwater wedding package together for them including: Officiant, Florida Marriage License by Mail, Photographer (Photos by George Sr.), and a fresh rose petal heart in the sand. Samantha and Scott had a about forty family members who attended the ceremony. Samantha and Scott were both a bit nervous. They didn’t know what to do so I spoke with Samantha and went over everything. On the wedding day George Sr. and I, arrived early to go over everything with Scott as well. Samantha and Scott and their guests were staying in Tampa.  They arranged for the Super Shuttle to take everyone to Clearwater for the wedding and pick them up later- what a great idea!!! It worked out so well because Clearwater Beach is very busy and parking spots are hard to come by. Everything turned out perfect! Samantha and Scott were so pleased and  said we made everything so easy for them. They thanked us for going above and beyond and making it more than they ever expected 🙂

Just Show up and Get Married on Clearwater Beach

Just Show up and Get Married on Clearwater Beach


Brian and Michaelle wanted a simple Florida beach wedding. They were traveling to Clearwater from Ohio for vacation and wanted to be married while they were in Florida.

They wanted to enjoy their vacation, just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach.

So they could enjoy their vacation and not worry about wedding plans, I provided the mail away marriage license application for them and handled getting the marriage license for them by mail- one less thing to do when they got to Florida.

Brian and Michaelle have known each other for over 25 years. They were engaged when they were 21, however, things happened, and they were never married. Life took its own path for a number of years. They found one another 6 years ago and felt that their love stood time and were now ready to commit. Michaelle said, “I’m ready to commit to the man I gave my heart to long long ago and a man that never gave up on me.”

When Brian contacted me he said he wanted an officiant, arbor, photos, and rose petal aisle runner. I suggested our Clearwater Beach special #2 and add the rose petal aisle runner to the package.


Clearwater Beach Special #2 with fresh rose petal aisle runner added is such a beautiful simple setup for a beach wedding.

I had correspondence with Michaelle and Brian about the vows and where we would have the ceremony. Brian asked me where he could get a wedding cake. I let him know I could get the cake and bring it to the ceremony. He was delighted. Since he was having a sunset wedding he asked for something with some sunset colors on the cake. When I called JJ Gandy’s they knew just what to do!!


This sunset cake by JJ Gandy’s was perfect for Brian and Michaelle’s sunset Clearwater Beach wedding!

The wedding was on Friday at sunset on Clearwater Beach. Brian and Michaelle couldn’t believe it when all they had to do was just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach. The ceremony setup was gorgeous.  We put up the bamboo arbor, had the rose petal aisle runner, George Sr did photos, I officiated their ceremony, and we brought them an awesome sunset wedding cake.


Brian and Michaelle wanted to just show up and get married on Clearwater Beach….and that’s exactly what we did for them! Congratulations!!!

Michaelle’s daughter was her Maid of Honor. Brian’s Mom, step father, and  a few friends were present.  They kept it simple, but so beautiful. They were having a reception back at their condo in Clearwater where they were staying.

Brian and Michaelle thanked us over for all we did. They were so pleased and thankful.

Wedding Officiant Trivia- Do You Know Why Women Are Escorted On The Left?

Wedding Officiant Trivia- Do You Know Why Women Are Escorted On The Left?


             Wedding Officiant Trivia-   Do You Know Why Women Are Escorted On The Left?

We are quite often asked these questions at rehearsals and at wedding ceremonies:

What arm does the woman go on? Why do we escort women on our left arm? Here is the answer!

When a man escorts his partner, tradition has it that he offers his left arm. This tradition originates from medieval times when men escorted women around town and through the fields. Should a threat arise or the woman’s honor require defending, the man’s sword hand (his right hand) would be free, giving him quick and easy access to his sword, worn on his left side.

To this day, the left arm rule still applies while indoors. However, with the rise of wheeled vehicles and non-pedestrian streets, the proper escorting etiquette evolved over the years for outdoor environments. Today, when escorting a women outdoors, you should position yourself on the outside (closest to the street) to protect her from traffic, mud splashing, etc.

Now you know 🙂

Of course, you don’t have to do it this way. We see couples creating new traditions all the time! So if you prefer to have the women escorted on the right- do it! It’s your wedding ceremony and we encourage you to personalize it and make it yours.

Kristen's Dad walking her down the beach for her Sand Key Park wedding ceremony

Kristen’s Dad walking her down the beach for her Sand Key Park wedding ceremony