Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding Ceremony

Ways to Use Rose Petals at your Wedding Ceremony


You want to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony but not sure how. Check out our favorite ways to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony!

Whether it be on the beach, park, venue, or elsewhere rose petals can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony. We’ve used rose petals to make a heart, down the aisle, lining the aisle, circle, accent petals around an arbor, and much more! Here are some different rose petal options to consider for your wedding ceremony.

Fresh mixed colored rose petals

Mixed colors of fresh rose petals

Rose petal heart ideas

A rose petal heart can have mixed colored petals or a solid color. We always use fresh petals on the beach or on the grass because the artificial petals easily get blown away into the ocean and all around the park. Fake rose pedals need to be picked up, which is super annoying, and are are harmful to the environment.

You can do a pretty flower heart with artificial flowers that are strung together. This is always a good option on a windy day or for a grass location. The string of flowers can easily be picked up and secured into the ground.


A mound style heart in the sand with fresh rose petals in the center of the heart is a very pretty idea to consider. The heart can be accented with tiki torches and greenery with flowers at the end of the tiki torch posts or shepherds hooks with hanging lanterns or flower balls.

heart in sand with tiki

How about a circular ceremony with rose petal heart in the center of the circle! We love this setup because all of your guests are truly around you. Having a rose heart in the middle of the circle gives the ceremony a beautiful pop of color.

Rose petal heart in center of circular ceremony setup. Siesta Key Beach

Rose petal heart in center of circular ceremony setup at Siesta Key Beach

Lining the aisle

At the beach, park, or inside venue adding rose pedals to line the aisle is a great touch. Adds just a pop of color and really pulls the look together. Here are a few pictures of wedding ceremonies we’ve done with fresh and artificial flowers lining the aisle.

Artificial string roses accenting arborabwif-alc1photo-4-e1447982386561-784x441

Wedding at Hotel Duval in Tallahassee, FLWedding Package #1 jim&ann2


If a heart is not your thing you can make the flower petals into another shape. We think it’d be neat to have a circle of rose pedals for the couple to stand inside showing their love will go on forever. Another idea we had was to make an infinity sign out of pedals!

Down the aisle

The traditional rose pedals down the aisle is always a great look! Keep in mind if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony and use artificial rose pedals you need to pick them up…and that’s not easy or fun.



Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.19.11 PM

Shapes down the aisle

If you want to get real creative use flower pedals and make shapes down the aisle. This is a wedding Charmaine officiated at the Kapok Tree in Clearwater Florida. If you create a flower design in the aisle you need to make sure to block the inside chairs (see how they did it hear with fabric) so guests enter into their seats from the outside in….and don’t mess up the design. We can do these designs or you can have your florist or coordinator do it.

Kapok Special Events Wedding Room


There are a ton of neat ways to use rose petals at your wedding ceremony. We love working with couples to make their vision come to life! Keep your wedding simple, affordable, and pretty by using rose petals whether it be beach or elsewhere. Contact us to discuss your wedding ceremony ideas: info@abeautifulweddinginflorida.com

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Types of Wedding Ceremonies


Your wedding ceremony is personal! It’s the time where you stand in front of your family and friends and vow to be with someone for the rest of your life– a very special and personal moment. So why wouldn’t there be different types of wedding ceremonies?

Kelly and Daniel had fun with their wedding....and we did too! Photo by Black and Hue Photography.

Ring exchange during a Cape San Blas wedding ceremony. Photo by Black & Hue Photography.

When we started officiating weddings in 2001 our goal was to provide all couples with a way to celebrate their love. We when we say, “Let us celebrate your love with the wedding ceremony of your dreams!” and we mean it. Whether you simply want a Notary Public to legalize your marriage license, have recently been divorced, are an interfaith couple, same-sex, young, or old we are more than happy to work with you on your wedding ceremony.

These are the most common types of wedding ceremonies:

  • Civil or secular– there will be no mention of God in any form and no blessing will be given. Added readings can range from humorous to romantic to philosophical. Ceremony will include wording about family, love, commitment, and values shared by the couple.
  • Spiritual- this is broad because spiritual can mean different things for different people. Some people are spiritual in nature, in leaders or teachers, or ancestors. Some couples chose to have a spiritual ceremony  to share variations of their faiths like Christian and Jewish.  A spiritual ceremony would typically be for those who follow Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism or Sikhism. Spiritual ceremonies are neat because they can be written to fit your spiritual following. Some couples will have mentions of God and blessings included in their spiritual ceremony and other’s do not.
  • Interfaith or intercultural- this is when a couple from two difference religious gets married. One time I officiated a wedding that included Christian bible readings, a reading from the Velveteen Rabbit, and a Jewish glass breaking at the end of the ceremony. Interfaith weddings can sometimes take a little bit of research to figure out the best way to blend the traditions, but end up wonderful because both families are happy.
  • Religious- you can have a religious wedding and not be married in a church. Religious wedding ceremonies can be performed anywhere that makes you happy- a park, beach, venue, garden, or one’s home. Although we are not affiliated with a church we are happy to officiate a religious wedding ceremonies. Only a Catholic priest can perform a Catholic mass and discuss Catholic married life wedding ceremony.
  • Vow renewal- the couple is already married and is having a celebratory vow renewal. We love vow renewals. Vow renewals can be planned, a anniversary surprised, or super of the moment.
  • Commitment ceremony-this is not a legally binding marriage. Sometimes couples request to commitment ceremony as a way to pledge their love to one another.

All of these ceremonies can be adjusted to fit your personal wedding ceremony preferences. For example adding a unity sand ceremony, include a hand fasting, or have your favorite poem read. Your wedding ceremony should be exactly as you want. When planning your wedding ceremony you’ll get a lot of feedback from others. Some will be helpful and others not. Remember it’s your wedding ceremony so do what makes you happy.

When we begin working with a new couple, we encourage them to have a wedding ceremony will reflect reflects their personalities, family traditions, spiritual, religious, or non-religious beliefs. We guide them through the different types of wedding ceremonies and are always open to new ideas.

Celtic Hand Fasting ceremony picture by Megan Pitts

Celtic Hand Fasting ceremony picture by Megan Pitts

Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony

Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony


Your pets are part of your family so it makes sense that you’d want them with you on your wedding day. We’ve officiated thousands of weddings and had the joy of meeting many family dogs; actually we’ve met horses, cats, birds, and more! Hah! It’s becoming increasingly more popular to include your dog in your wedding ceremony.


We are pet lovers so we understand why you’d want them to be there with you on your special day. We love when you ask us for ideas on how to include your beloved dog in your wedding ceremony. Before deciding on having your dog in your wedding ceremony think about the following:

  • Does the venue or place you are having wedding ceremony allow dogs?
  • What will you do with the dog after the ceremony?
  • Will your dog bark at guests?
  • Who will be in charge of the dog?
  • Are you a easy-going couple who will laugh at your dogs unplanned actions? For example a bark or an excited run into your arms.
Their dogs wanted a kiss too :) Picture by Corbett's Media.

In the middle of the ceremony Ann’s dog jumped right into her arms for a quick kiss!

If all of the above are in check and you’ve decided to move forward with having your dog at your wedding ceremony here are some of our favorite ways to include your dog in your wedding ceremony:

  1. Take “family” wedding pictures together. Have your dog at the wedding and take pictures together. Dress them up in a suite tie or a wedding veil. Most often times a friend takes the dog home before the ceremony and reception so every can enjoy, but you still get “family” pictures together.
    Dogs in ceremony are becoming more and more common
  2. Have your dog be the ring bearer. Some people even tie their real rings to the collars; we don’t advise doing this. One time George Jr officiated a wedding with a highly trained competitive show dog. When the bride whistled the dog rain down the aisle, jumped up to the his Mom (the bride) and gave her the rings!
  3. Have your dog be a “groomsman” or “bridesmaid”. Dress your dog up in it’s wedding attire and have him/her walk down the aisle with one of the members of your bridal party. This way they are standing close to you during the ceremony.
    This sleepy dog was the best man at a wedding officiated by George Jr.
  4. Mention your dog in the wedding ceremony. This can be added to any part of the ceremony. For example,
    • During the ring exchange, “(Bride’s name), I give this ring to you as my promise that I will walk with you and (Dog’s name), on and off the trail, wherever our journey leads us; living, learning loving, together forever.
    • During the ceremony the officiant reads, “Throughout the past years (Bride and Groom) have built a beautiful life together filled with family and friends. They have built a beautiful home together, which now includes their little hairy dog child, (Dog’s name).”
  5. Remember a beloved dog that is no longer with you. The loss of a pet is very difficult. For many couples a dog is their first “child” and they will love them forever. A sweet way to remember your past pets is for the Officiant to say, “Before we commence the vows let us take a moment to remember (family members and close friends). Though he is absent physically, we invoke, through our thought and prayers, his loving presence. We pray that God might multiply beyond measure the blessings from him to Bride and Groom.  We’d also like to remember Bride and Groom’s dog (Dog’s name) who is no longer with them, but will always be remembered as their baby.”

If you can’t figure out any ways to include your dog in your wedding ceremony:

  1. You can have a framed picture of your dog at the wedding. It’s a sweet way for your dog to be included without the worry of a crazy outburst 🙂
  2. Include the poem “How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog” by Taylor Mali in your ceremony
  3. Give your dog a shout out. Have your officiant mention your dog in the ceremony.
Me with at their St. Petersburg Pass A Grille Wedding Ceremony

St. Petersburg Pass A Grille Wedding Ceremony

Terry and Roger happy married with their fur babies :) Photo by Lance Oliver

Terry and Roger happy married with their fur babies 🙂 Their stayed in the house for the wedding ceremony then they took “family” pictures together.


Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies

Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies


It’s been a busy weekend with Sunrise, Afternoon, and Sunset Clearwater Wedding Ceremonies!Mary and Dale

Last Saturday, Mary and Dale had a sunrise ceremony on Clearwater Beach. Mary and Dale were visiting Florida from Arkansas and wanted to elope on the beach. When I first spoke with Mary she wasn’t sure about what time for the wedding. I told her, “sunrise is the nicest time for a beach ceremony.”  We agreed to have their wedding on Saturday morning at Clearwater beach. On Saturday morning the beach was so quiet and still. All we could hear were the sea gulls and rolling waves. We had a few “guest” dolphins present. They swam by as I performed the ceremony. It was truly a perfect setting for a Florida beach wedding.  Mary and Dale were so excited. They both thanked me so much for a beautiful wedding!

Later on Saturday afternoon, I officiated a wedding ceremony for Carly and Brody at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. The Botanical Gardens is a great and very beautiful place for a wedding. The ceremony was held in the wedding garden.

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Botanical Gardens

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo

They had setup chairs, a DJ, and Orange Blossom catering was doing the the outdoor reception after ceremony. They were able to keep the wedding simple, yet very tastefully setup. There were covered tents for the dinner and each table was setup with a vase of roses for centerpieces.  Carly looked so pretty! I had to get a picture of Carly by the walkway to the wedding garden where a beautiful archway of lavender flowers were overhead. Carly was a very organized bride. She asked me for a rehearsal guide and she put everything together for her ceremony. She and Brody are a real fun couple. It was so obvious that they truly love each other and have a lot of fun together.’

I ended the Saturday with a beautiful sunset wedding on Clearwater Beach. Samantha and Scott flew into Tampa from New Hampshire Saturday morning. They were leaving for a week long Norwegian cruise out of Tampa on Sunday with a number of family and friends. They wanted to be married on Saturday at sunset. Samantha had corresponded with me asking me if this could be done since they weren’t getting into Florida until the day of the wedding. I told her if we did our convenient Florida Marriage License by Mail service, I could obtain their Florida Marriage License without them ever coming to Florida and then we could marry them on Saturday!  She was delighted about this service!! I put a Clearwater wedding package together for them including: Officiant, Florida Marriage License by Mail, Photographer (Photos by George Sr.), and a fresh rose petal heart in the sand. Samantha and Scott had a about forty family members who attended the ceremony. Samantha and Scott were both a bit nervous. They didn’t know what to do so I spoke with Samantha and went over everything. On the wedding day George Sr. and I, arrived early to go over everything with Scott as well. Samantha and Scott and their guests were staying in Tampa.  They arranged for the Super Shuttle to take everyone to Clearwater for the wedding and pick them up later- what a great idea!!! It worked out so well because Clearwater Beach is very busy and parking spots are hard to come by. Everything turned out perfect! Samantha and Scott were so pleased and  said we made everything so easy for them. They thanked us for going above and beyond and making it more than they ever expected 🙂

Leap Day Wedding- What if you only had a wedding anniversary every 4 years?

Leap Day Wedding- What if you only had a wedding anniversary every 4 years?


Andrew contacted me about having a wedding ceremony on February 29th= Leap Day wedding! Andrew and his fiancé, Jennifer, were traveling from New York and spending a few days in Florida.  They wanted a simple beautiful wedding ceremony on a Florida beach. Whether it’s a small elopement or a large wedding ceremony, I love helping out of town couples make their wedding plans come together. I suggested they have their Florida wedding at sunset on Sand Key Park in Clearwater and they loved that idea.

Andrew and Jennifer were married at sunset on February 29th at Sand Key Park. They wanted to have a unique day for their wedding and one they will both always remember. Since February 29 only happens every four years they will only have an anniversary every four years.  “When we are married 50 years we would have only had 12 wedding anniversaries,” said Jennifer. It was a beautiful sunset evening for their wedding ceremony. Jennifer had a brother attend the wedding and he skyped other family members who couldn’t be present.

Andrew and Jennifer met on Plentyoffish dating website a few years ago. I could see they have a lot of fun together and were so happy to be getting married. They were both very pleased  and thanked me for officiating a great ceremony.


Jennifer and Andrew happily married on their Leap Day Wedding-Sand Key Park in Clearwater Florida


Love was in the air on Valentine’s Day!!

Love was in the air on Valentine’s Day!!


It was a gorgeous day for so many wonderful weddings and vow renewal ceremonies that were celebrated on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Tasha and Delisa had a morning wedding ceremony at Straub Park in St Petersburg.  Tasha and Delisa invited guests for a brunch style reception at the park. After the wedding they served  pastries, donuts, juices, and champagne.  Tasha and Delisa were so full of life and love! They have been together for seven years and couldn’t wait to be married. It was a real treat to officiate their Valentine’s Day wedding ceremony.


Tasha and Delisa happily married.

The next ceremony Valentine’s Day celebration was for a 10 year vow renewal. Leah and Michael were celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. They drove from Virginia and were travelling down the coast of Florida vacationing. George Sr and I met them at Crystal Beach for the ceremony. I officiated  a 10 year vow renewal ceremony and George Sr took photos. This was like a honeymoon trip for them. They left their three children at home and were just enjoying sometime to themselves. After the ceremony they were going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Maggiano’s in Tampa.


Lean and Michael enjoying their Florida vacation and celebrating 10 years of marriage!

George Sr. and I continued to Land O Lakes where I officiated a wedding ceremony for Michelle and Robert. The ceremony was on the dock at their home overlooking the lake. Michelle wore a pretty wedding dress that had just a touch of light pink accenting the color. Friends and family were invited to a nice backyard reception.


Newly married Michelle and Robert.

Our final Valentine’s Day wedding ceremony was with Jason and Yilan.  The wedding was at Palma Sola Botanical Gardens in Bradenton. Jason and Yilan wanted the ceremony to be on a bridge overlooking the gardens. I made a pretty rose petal heart on the bridge. Family members stood to the side and officiated their wedding ceremony. George Sr took photos overlooking the lake, in the gazebo, and wherever they wanted pictures taken. The greenery of the gardens and the delightful weather made a perfect setting for a beautiful wedding.


Officiating Jason and Yilan’s Valentine’s Day wedding ceremony in the beautiful Palma Sola Botanical Gardens in Bradenton Florida.

A Beautiful Wedding in Florida had other weddings and vow renewals taking place throughout Clearwater.

Ellida officiated a 20 year vow renewal in Clearwater for Tonja and Richard at Arts 4 Life Recreational Center and a sunset Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony for Alexander and Nicholas.


Ellida officiating Alexander and Nicholas’ sunset Clearwater beach wedding ceremony of Valentine’s Day. So romantic!


20 years and still loving it! Ellida with Tonja and Richard at their Valentine’s Day celebratory 20 year vow renewal ceremony!

All of our couples were very pleased and thankful. It was a beautiful day for love!!!