Best Place to Get Married in Florida

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now where are you going to get married? Maybe we are bias, but we’d suggest Florida!! Whether you are looking to get married on a beautiful white sandy beach, at a garden, or a rustic barn you can find is in Florida.

We work with a lot of couples that live in Florida and can’t wait to say “I Do” in their home state. We also work with a lot of couples that travel to Florida from afar—even out of the country. At a Beautiful Wedding in Florida, we can help you find the best place to get married in Florida.

A Beautiful Wedding in Florida officiant services are available in Clearwater and Tampa areas. Our North Florida wedding officiant service covers the Tallahassee area and St. George Island and Cape San Blas.

We offer affordable wedding officiants, chairs, arbor, photography, and vow renewal services. Our wedding officiant team knows where the best place to get married in Florida is and is happy to help you.

A Beautiful Wedding in Florida St. George Island officiant service can help you with your St. George Island wedding. Everything from officiant to perform the ceremony, chairs, arbor, and even obtaining your Florida Marriage License.

Okay so here its, in our opinion,

the best place to get married in Florida is– St. George Island

Our St. George Island wedding officiant, Amanda, feels this location is the best place to get marriage in Florida because it’s not crowded and it’s beautiful. You get the beautiful sand Florida beach wedding, blue water, but not the tourist attractions and crowds of other Florida beaches.

St. George Island Florida – if you haven’t visited St. George Island aka SGI then you’re missing out. Whether it’s for your wedding or just for fun.

St. George Island is a barrier island off the coast of the Florida Panhandle in the United States. It is located in Franklin County and is part of the “Forgotten Coast” region known for its natural beauty and relatively untouched beaches. Which is why we are choosing it as the best place to get married in Florida.

When planning a St George Island wedding you are guaranteed low crowds and tranquility. Sometimes our St George Island wedding ceremonies there is no one except us on the beach. Depending on what time of day you choose to have your St. George Island wedding ceremony, you really never have to worry about having people crowding around and walking behind your pictures.

Because St. George Island is not built up there are very few reception venues and restaurant options. Also, not many pretty options if it rains on your wedding day.

Most couples, that get married on St. George Island choose to get married on the beach then have a small dinner at the house they rented or in Apalachicola. If you’re looking for restaurants, shops, and bars SGI is not the place for you to get married.

Our St. George Island wedding officiant, Amanda, has been performing weddings on SGI for over 10 years. She’s happy to help you with location ideas, rents, reception ideas, and more. St George Island wedding ceremony specials are also available.

St George Island is the best place to get married in Florida because you can simply and easily walk out on to a beautiful white sand beach and get married. The State Park is a great option for getting married because it has parking, pavilions, and sand dunes. All the beaches on St. George Island are public so you can get married anywhere you would like.

Some of the challenges with a St George Island wedding

  • Finding a place to accommodate you and your guests as there are only 2 hotels.
  • Finding a house that will allow a wedding– many of the home rentals do not allow weddings onsite.
  • Just in case plans—there are no wedding venues on St George Island so a rain plan is limited to your rental house or a pavilion.
  • Everything you need for the wedding will be driven in from a surrounding area such as Tallahassee or Panama City. There are not many wedding vendors that truly live on St George Island. A
  • Beautiful Wedding in Florida has been offering wedding officiant service in St. George Island for over 10 years so if you need help finding things like flowers, rentals, caterers, locations, and more we are happy to help.
  • Getting to St George Island is not easy- you have to drive there which means all your guests have to drive from afar or fly then rent cars and drive a couple hours to St. George Island.

Even with these challenges, we still feel St George Island is the best place to be married in Florida if you’re looking for easy, affordable, and beautiful Florida beach wedding.

Couple just married on the beach beachTo get married in Florida, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. **Obtain a Marriage License**: Both parties must apply together in person at a county clerk’s office or an authorized Florida courthouse. You’ll need to provide identification such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport, and possibly other documents like birth certificates. There is typically a fee for the marriage license.

2. **Waiting Period**: Florida has a mandatory waiting period of three days after obtaining the marriage license before the marriage ceremony can take place. However, this waiting period can be waived for non-Florida residents who complete a premarital preparation course.

3. **Complete a Premarital Preparation Course (Optional)**: If you opt to take a premarital preparation course, the waiting period can be waived, and the marriage license fee may be reduced. The course must be completed within the 12 months before applying for the marriage license and must be conducted by a registered provider.

4. **Find an Officiant**: In Florida, the marriage ceremony can be performed by a judge, clerk of the circuit court, ordained minister, or religious clergy member.

Obviously, we hope you choose to have one of our A Beautiful wedding in Florida officiant’s perform your wedding ceremony.

5. **Have the Ceremony**: Once the marriage license is obtained and the waiting period (if applicable) has passed, you can have the marriage ceremony.

Witnesses and guests are optional so if you truly want to elope and have a ceremony with just you and your fiancé you can.

6. **File the Marriage License**: After the ceremony, the officiant is responsible for completing the marriage license and returning it to the county clerk’s office within 10 days.

We are always willing to mail your Florida marriage license back to the County you obtained it at or we can notarize it then give it back to you so you return it to the County Clerk’s office.

It’s important to check with the specific county clerk’s office where you plan to apply for the marriage license, as requirements and procedures may vary slightly between counties.

We’re here to help you with your wedding ceremony needs. If you don’t feel St. George Island is the best place to be married in Florida, that’s okay. We are happy to officiate you’re wedding wherever you like. We look forward to hearing from you soon!