Florida Marriage License Information


A valid Florida marriage license is required to be legally married in Florida. The marriage license can be issued at any County Clerk’s office in Florida; it doesn’t have to be the county where you are getting married. A Florida marriage license can be issued as early as 60 days before the wedding. For Florida residents there is a three-day waiting period after getting the license before you can be married. If a premarital on-line counseling course is completed, you can get married on the same day you get your license. Out-of-state residents can be married the same day that they get the Florida marriage license. When applying for your marriage license both parties must be present.

We do offer a convenient Florida mail away license service where you can “Show up and Get Married.” No going to the Courthouse!!! This is extremely popular for families and couples that travel to Clearwater or St George Island Florida to get marriage and don’t want to spend their time going to a courthouse.

Witnesses are not required. There is an optional spot for 2 witnesses to sign the marriage license but this is not required. If you truly want to elope with just you and your fiancé- you can 🙂

The Florida marriage license must be presented on the day of the wedding for notary or minister to complete. Whoever performs your ceremony would send the license back to the county where the license was issued. The county will then record your marriage and send you a certified copy of your marriage license. The certified copy of the marriage license is what you would need to change your name.

Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies

Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies


Summertime Morning Wedding Ceremonies are the best!!!

Sunrise or very early morning is the nicest time of day for a beach wedding in the Florida Summer. Also if you want a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for your summertime wedding ceremony morning is by far the nicest time for just that. Summers in Florida get very hot and humid as the day goes on. In the morning it isn’t as hot and humid making it so much more comfortable thus why we highly recommend summertime morning wedding ceremonies.

A Beautiful Wedding in Florida had a beautiful sunrise vow renewal ceremony on Sunday for Brenda and Kenneth. We were the first and only ones on the beach at Sand Key Park in Clearwater at 7:00 AM. George Sr and I made a fresh rose petal heart in the sand and George SR took photos. Brenda and Kenneth were celebrating their 25th year wedding anniversary on that day. They were vacationing in Florida from Missouri. Brenda and Kenneth chose to commemorate their ceremony with the giving and receiving of communion recognizing their spiritual commitment and showing their participation in the body of Christ. The quiet ambiance at the beach allowed us to just listen to the waves of the ocean and have a very undisturbed vow renewal ceremony.

Immediately following Brenda and Kenneth’s vow renewal ceremony, we had a wedding ceremony at 9:00 AM on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. George Sr. and I met Hope and Wendy at the beach before the beach crowds started to arrive. We setup the arbor on the white sand where no beach goers had arrived yet then had a lovely wedding ceremony. Hope and Wendy chose to participate in a unity sand ceremony with pink and purple sands to be blended.

Summertime morning wedding ceremonies are popular! We officiated another morning wedding ceremony before the Honeymoon Island park opened. Bonenita and Jody were married outside of Honeymoon Island State park before it opened! They are fishermen and chose to tie the knot with the fishermen’s knot ceremony.

Quite often summertime morning wedding ceremonies or sunrise ceremonies are celebrated without guests but guests are not excluded. After the wedding ceremony you can have a celebrotary reception brunch or beach day. We always say “It’s your day” have fun with it.

Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony

Bernice and Brook’s Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony


Bernice contacted me about officiating her wedding ceremony while she and her partner were in Florida. She and her partner were traveling from Ohio and wanted a nice Florida beach wedding. Her partner Brook had never been to the beach before!! Bernice sent me photos of what she wanted the beach to look like and was asking for suggestions on where to have their wedding ceremony. They envisioned their Florida wedding ceremony on a wide open beach somewhat secluded with white sand. I knew I could help them! We went back and forth with photos and questions before they decided that a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony was exactly what they wanted.

Bernice and Brook booked our Clearwater Beach Special #2 package and added our A La Carte mound style heart in sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas for floral arrangements around the tiki torches. She wanted a few chairs with navy sashes and a rose petal aisle runner. They knew just what she wanted for their wedding ceremony. Bernice told me she was even having a monkey as a ring bearer because that was something Brook had always wanted.

Last Thursday morning Bernice and Brook had their dream Florida beach wedding. It had rained the night before the wedding leaving the beach sand somewhat damp, a little windy, and completely empty! It was best time to have a Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony because nobody was on the beach (note- if you know Clearwater Beach it’s very hard to get the beach to yourself ). The beach was quiet and wide open.

Clearwater special #2 with A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand with tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangea's.

Clearwater Beach Special #2 with added A la Carte mound rose petal heart in the sand, tiki torches, greenery, and hydrangeas.

Our associate officiant, Ellida, performed the ceremony and I setup the ceremony details (chairs, heart, torches, flowers) and got them down the aisle on time. During the wedding ceremony when it came time for the rings Don Juan, a little monkey, brought them up to them. Don Juan was the cutest little ring bearer. He hopped on Brook’s shoulder and gave the rings to them. It was super cool!!!

Bernice and Brook with ring bearer Don Juan

Bernice and Brook with monkey ring bearer Don Juan

Brook and Bernice were leaving that afternoon for a cruise to Cozumel before heading back to Ohio. Bernice text me and said, “Thank you so much for everything. Wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”

Bernice, Ellida and Brook

Ellida with the newly married Bernice and Brook 


4th of July Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony

4th of July Clearwater Beach Wedding Ceremony


Jocelyn & Waldemar have been together for over 19 years. They were going to be traveling to Florida from Pennsylvania and staying in Kissimmee for the last week of June and over the 4th. They were going to come over to Clearwater Beach for the 4th of July and wanted a morning Clearwater beach wedding ceremony. Jocelyn called me and sent me photos of what she wanted for her Clearwater beach wedding ceremony.  She wanted bamboo arbor with starfish tie backs and decorated with turquoise fabric and white fabric. She also asked to have an aisle runner with sea shells and flower petals in the center.  She said this was her first time being married and she wanted something simple but beautiful. She hired me to put together her dream wedding ceremony including Officiant (me) and photographer. I was glad to help her put everything together!

4th of July morning arrived and it was a beautiful hot summer day. Very hot! Fortunately, we found a spot on Clearwater Beach to set up where a lot of beach goers hadn’t arrived at. A number of family members from the area arrived and guests. Jocelyn had a special song that she asked to be played as she walked down the aisle. It was a Spanish song called Solo Para Ti. When Jocelyn walked down the beach she looked so pretty. As Waldemar (also called Tito) looked at his bride I could see how much love he had for her and how happy they were for this day to finally be here. Jocelyn had been making plans for the wedding with me since early February.

Jocelyn and Title under the bamboo arbor with starfish and turquoise fabric that I put together for their Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony. Picture by C.R. Newman Photography.

Jocelyn and Title under the bamboo arbor with starfish and turquoise fabric that I put together for their Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony. Picture by C.R. Newman Photography.

I had hired my friend, Rebecca Newman, with C.R.Newman Photography to take photos of their Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony. Jocelyn & Tito were so happy to have so many of their family members present. They wanted all kinds of combinations taken. It was a fun wedding. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun with the pictures. We even had a very patriotic Santa Claus (Christmas in July on the beach join us for photo and congratulations.

Santa celebrating 4th of July joined Jocelyn and Tito for a fun wedding picture. Picture by C. R. Newman Photography

Beach Santa celebrating 4th of July joined Jocelyn and Tito for a fun wedding picture. Picture by C. R. Newman Photography

Jocelyn text me and thanked me for everything. They were both so happy and very pleased with the wedding.

So in love....Picture by C.R. Newman Photography

A picture perfect day for Jocelyn and Tito’s Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony….Picture by C.R. Newman Photography

Redington Beach Florida Wedding

Redington Beach Florida Wedding


Jackie and Jerry were travelling to Florida from Indiana to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with her parents. Her parents had a timeshare unit at Redington Ambassador Resorts on the beach. Jackie and Jerry thought it would be great to have a Redington Beach Florida Wedding, be with her parents, and spend Thanksgiving together. When Jackie called I suggested a package with photographer and officiant. She happily said, How easy! Do I need to do anything else?” I let her know she would just need to get their Florida Marriage License when she arrived, and be safe driving to Florida!

The wedding was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was rather chilly day so they decided to have the wedding on the balcony at the condo where they were staying. She was concerned about her parents being out in the cold on the beach. The balcony had a gorgeous ocean view.
Jackie’s parents were very pleased that they decided to have the wedding while visiting with them over the holiday.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry at their Redington Beach Florida wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie held a pretty bouquet of red roses and looked very pretty with a simple white gown.

Jackie Photos by George Sr.

The newly wed Jackie. Photos by George Sr.

After the ceremony George Sr. took photos in the condo and suggested to Jackie and Jerry that they go out to the beach for a few more photos. The wind had died down and it was actually pretty nice out on the beach.

Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry with Jackie’s parents. Photos by George Sr.

Jackie and Jerry were staying through the weekend before returning back to Indiana. They were so pleased and thankful.

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!

Chilly Clearwater Beach Wedding!!


Geralyn (Brittany’s Mother) had been corresponding with me for over a year in planning her daughter Brittany & now son-in law Kyle’s Clearwater Beach wedding.  Geralyn hired us to handle the ceremony setup including bamboo poles with decorations, sand ceremony and setup, photographer, and officiant.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

Clearwater beach wedding ceremony setup. Photos by George Sr.

The wedding was this past Saturday. They rented a beach house on Clearwater Beach. Geralyn corresponded with me about the wedding setup, photos, where to get flowers, hair done, where to go to dinner etc…She was paying great attention to details and I could tell by her messages just how excited and how much this meant to her.  In some of her messages, I could pick up tearful sentiment as she was corresponding about her daughter’s wedding. I let her know that I had a daughter recently get married and sent her my picture of me balling my eyes out at my daughter’s wedding. She laughed, and we continued with Mother-to-Mother correspondence in planning her daughter’s wedding. We enjoyed corresponding and planning her daughter’s wedding. On the day of the wedding it was so nice to finally meet her!

Brittany and Kyle were married this past Saturday at sunset on Clearwater Beach. It was a rather chilly evening. Brittany and Kyle and family are from Illinois so the cold didn’t bother them. They were jumping for joy!!

jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Brittany and Kyle jumping for joy at their Clearwater Beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

A multi-colored four post bamboo poles was setup. They performed sand ceremony blending sand into a photo frame.


Brittany and Kyle’s wedding ceremony setup. A Beautiful Wedding In Florida provide bamboo setup with decorations, photographer, sand ceremony, and officiant. Photos by George Sr.

George Sr did the photographs and video. It was a beautiful sunset. He had them strolling on the beach and got a lot of shots of them having fun together.

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding,

A perfect sunset for a Clearwater beach wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Family and friends were going to The Beachcomber for reception dinner. Brittany and Kyle were staying in Clearwater Beach until Monday when they were going to begin their honeymoon bye taking a cruise before returning to Illinois.

Geralyn thanked me so much for everything. She couldn’t believe that it came and went so fast. She looked forward to a relaxing Sunday on Clearwater beach. She sent me an email saying “I want to thank you and George again for all that you did.  It’s kind of sad that our brief relationship is over.  I enjoyed our correspondence.  You must get great satisfaction on the positive way you touch the lives of so many people.  I wish you and your family the best.” It’s always nice to know that our hard work is appreciated and enjoyed.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle.

Congratulations, Brittany and Kyle! We had a wonderful time being a part of your beautiful Clearwater beach wedding! Photos by George Sr.